Bear Crawl Bridge

Bear Crawl Bridge

Bear Crawl Bridge

Twelve pax braved the unseasonably cold morning to face Bear Crawl Bridge.  While Watchtower isn’t a new AO, we’ve been discovering new pleasantries to entertain the Pax with.  Today was no exception.  Variety is the spice of life as they say.

Warm up:

  • Mosey around the parking lot
  • 20 Side Straddle Hop
  • 20 Imperial Walkers
  • 20 Merkins
  • 15 Mountain Climbers
  • 10 Low Slow Squats


Today was about new beginnings. This is a tough crowd that demands fresh F3 experiences.  I mean let’s face it, the Pax in this group fixate on discussions about “man touching” and insist that if it has nipples “it can be milked”.  You don’t leave Pax like that idle to their own devices.  Am I right or am I right?  A good Q recognizes the peril in that and quickly seeks to begin the beat down.  Taking a page from the AMRAP, we played with a trial run of an AMRAP”ish” solo course.

  • Station 1: 20 Incline Merkins…run to the next station;
  • Station 2: 20 Supine Pull-ups…run to the bridge;
  • Station 3: Bear Crawl across the bridge (or if you chose to modify you could lunge walk across with a 5 burpee tax at both ends of the bridge)…run to the low wall by the stadium;
  • Station 4: 20 Dips;
  • Repeat the process in reverse;
  • Complete 3 Times

So, note to self at the conclusion of this experiment was that we should have repeated 4-5 times instead of 3.  However, that left time to play.

  • Grab a lifting rock;
  • 20x Curls;
  • Lunge walk back across the bridge with your rock;
  • 20x Overhead Press at the far end of the bridge;
  • Lunge walk back across the bridge with your rock;
  • 20x Curls

Still some time left on the clock!

  • Mosey back to the starting parking lot;
  • 2x Suicides to the first speed bump and then the far lights

Finally, we burned up the remaining minutes and circled up for some brief Mary

  • 20 American Hammers
  • 10 Box Cutters



  • Well, the barometer I use to determine whether a good Q has been executed on is the amount of mumblechatter throughout.  If they can speak, they can breath, and that means they aren’t working hard enough. Today was light on mumblechatter.  Furthermore, I saw a lot of jello arms trying to push out the rock curls at the end.  Great group today and great effort by all.  Huckleberry and Harry Cary hung in there.  Moneyball (I think) was crying about his calf again.  I think Moneyball asked Frack an anatomy question about muscles around the knee.  Of course the extent of Frack’s anatomical knowledge begins and ends with pecs, biceps, triceps, lats, and muscles of the vaginal region.  As one would expect Fracks’ answer to Moneyball included something about a vaginal muscle that looked like an Arby’s sandwich.  Personally, I didn’t seek further explanation (as I may never be able to unsee that mental imagery) and simply mentioned I hadn’t had Arby’s in 20 years (and may never again).


  • Continued prayer for the unnamed brother whose wife has been diagnosed with breast cancer.
  • Sign up for the F3 Lawson Craft Fair booth.  Bottlecap is crocheting F3 hot plate mats that we will be giving away while attempting to EH unsuspecting attendees into posting.  I mean maybe I’m crazy for being the only one to think this….but do we really think any dude’s are going to show up to this event?  I don’t know……just me maybe. 
  • Sign up for the Operation Sweet Tooth 5k Virtual Run at Commitment on Saturday –

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