some old and some new

some old and some new

7 pax came out for some of my original work. 5+ years ago

Mosey to davie

15 – IW Cad

15 – MC cad

10 – Merkin – cad

20 – slow squats


Mosey to davie Park

Partner work – hot lap

Dips – first round

Derkins – second round

LBC’s – third round

Other partner does hot lap


7’s on hill.

Merkins at the bottom

Jump squats at the top


Mosey back to launch

People’s chair

150 air presses


Rock work


Air press

Tricep extension



20 Freddy Mercury’s cad

20 Boone crunch cad

10 Merkins cad

15 dolly cad

20 lbc’s cad

10 merkins oyo


Moleskin – Good group out there today, on a chilly Monday morning.  Saw some people I haven’t seen in many years and some guys that I have not had the chance to meet.  It has probably been 2 years since I have been at that site, the Davie run was long but good.  Not a ton of mumblechatter nor really anyone chatting at all.  It might have been the wind or the fact that it’s April and still cold.  Nevertheless we pushed through and the men are all better for it.  Mall Cop called for the semi-gloss near the bathrooms and it took me back to old times.  I miss the site, I miss the guys that I started with and have fallen out of touch with.  It’s also great to see new guys coming out and pushing themselves.

Nothing much to report.

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