Can I wear your varsity jacket?

Can I wear your varsity jacket?

28 PAX showed up on a (yet another) brisk morning.  As we stood around in the wind gusts, most PAX were VERY vocally asking for an earlier than 0530 start time but we had to wait for Moneyball.  Not sure what transpired, but MB came back from back from Dasher’s car wearing Dasher’s clothing.  It was dark but I’m pretty sure it was his letterman’s jacket.  #Awkward  Good luck to Dasher getting that back.


  • Cranked up the boombox with 80s rock and mosey to front of Middle School
  • Karaoke on the way
  • Disclaimer given
  • SSH x 20
  • Merkins x 20
  • Imperial Squawkers x 20


  • Mosey to bus overhang and plank up in front of pillar
    • Plank with hands on pillar
    • 6 count merkins
    • More plank work
    • Mountain climbers with hands on pillar
    • People’s chair with air presses & toes/knees/shoulders/head
    • More 6 count merkins
  • Mosey to high school side entrance hill
    • 40/30/20/10 bomb jacks on bottom of hill
    • After each set, run backwards up hill 4/3/2/1 time
    • Some Mary
  • Mosey to front of middle school and grab bench space
    • Reg Dips x 10, Left Leg up x 10, Right Leg up x 10
  • AYG to the side lot and partner up in groups of 4
    • Goal was 2 vs 2 to create some competition #TooTiredToExplainTo28Dudes #QFail
    • Lap around lot with 2 stations (counter-clockwise)
      • Box jumps over 7 picnic tables
      • 30 Merkins
      • Mini-AMRAP for 7 minutes
    • Lap around lot with 2 stations (clockwise)
      • Box jumps over 7 picnic tables
      • 30 Carolina Dry Docks
      • Mini-AMRAP for 5 minutes
  • 2 Minutes of Mary
    • American Hammer x 20
    • Amy Grants x 10


  • Usually I like to write something about every PAX at the workout . . . Good problem is that we have so many PAX that it’s impossible to write about everybody
  • Keep coming out!  We are working on an idea to have 2 Qs when group gets crazy big
    • Great to see Big 10, Red Rider, and Shop Dawg back
  • Red Rider even brought an FNG . . . Welcome Gaylord (Joe)
    • Gets his nickname from dating “Mr. Larson’s” daughter . . . Narrowly avoided being nicknamed “Pea Shooter”
    • Kudos to Dirty Bird and Frack (?) for thinking of Greg Focker


  • HELP NEEDED:  Posse and Bottlecap are participating in a “Vendor Fair” to showcase and tell people about F3.  Can you give 45 minutes of your time this Sunday 4/22?  Or can you help create/print items prior to the event?  Shifts available from 11:30-4:15pm at the Lawson clubhouse.  Reach out for more details.
  • SANCTUARY:  Tonight at Brooklyn Pizza in Wesley Chapel at 7:30pm.  Discussing Bonhoeffer over beer and pizza
  • COMMITMENT:  This Saturday Posse will be Qing.  Please sign up as a “Virtual Runner” for Operation Sweettooth 8K to support an F3 brother who lost his 8 year old daughter 2 years ago to a rare heart condition.

Thanks to Moneyball for the takeout!

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