Adventures in Uptown

Adventures in Uptown

Been a while since we’ve been uptown. A few references to Hoffa along the way since neither he nor our sleeping buddy were present.

The Thang

Mosey to the end of the parking lot at the bottom of the hill near the entrace.

COP (Only had to move aside for a car once which doesn’t seem very smart at this point)
SSH IC x20
IW IC x20
Low, Slow Squats IC x15
Windmills Abe Vigoda style IC x10

Backwards run up the hill to the entrance. Mosey along the sidewalk to the bottom of railroad hill.

Lunge to the first light pole
Backwards Lunge to the second light pole
Backwards Run to the third light pole
Buttkickers to the fourth light pole.

Mosey across the railroad tracks and across the street into uptown Monroe and head to the rails

Railslides down the rails.
Railslides up the rails.
Rail Holds Indian Bear Crawl down the rails

Mosey over to the three steps area.
Keep in a plank position the entire time through this.
Feet on the first step and then shoulder taps x10
Move feet up to the next step, shoulder taps x10
3rd step, shoulder taps x10
Back down to 2nd step, shoulder taps x10
Back to 1st step, shoulder taps x10

Mosey up to the water fountain
Choose your pain: 20 step ups on the water fountain wall or 10 jump ups on the higher wall across from the water fountain.

Mosey over to the parking lot
Run 2 spaces forward, 1 space backwards across the parking lot.
Now we must go back: 2 spaces backwards, 1 space forwards.

Mosey to the tables
Derkins x10
Dips x10
Incline Merkins x10
20 step ups
Repeato no thanks to Kiefer

Mosey to the side of the building
Sit on the wall, Air Presses x50
Recover over to the railing, calf raises x25
Back to the wall, Air Presses x100
Calf Raises x50
Air Presses x150
Calf Raises x75

Back to the wall.
Balls to the Wall w/ Inverted Mountain Climbers IC x10. Recover
Balls to the Wall with a slow 10 count (apologies on forgetting where I was at – sure it was a mistake)

Mosey over to walkway
Crab walk to each crepe myrtle tree.
LBCs x20 at each crepe myrtle tree.
There were 5 trees in all though Canary tried to imagine a 6th tree. We just let him go for a while and then told him he was done. #merciful

Mosey to the parking lot beside the railroad lined with trees.
Suicides starting at the top running to each tree. Bombjacks x5. Backwards run back up to the top, 10 squats.
There were 8 trees in all and the grumbling started getting really loud here. Some debate who is the real idiot: The Q calling this or the PAX following this. I think the answer is yes.

I have to admit that seeing the flagpole in the park separated only by railroad tracks had me considering if we should run the tracks and go straight back into the park. I don’t know if that’s legal or not. Still I considered. Then I decided I wanted to spend the night with my hot wife and not some guy named Bubba. #followthelaw

Mosey to the parking lot between the train station and street. Got to get to the end of the lot.
Bear Crawl half the lot to the stairs.
At the stairs, do the Swan Walk (One foot forward and then with balance, reach with opposite hand and touch your foot – balance was laughable after the suicides)

And the end of the lot, run up the hill to the sidewalk and mosey up the rest of the hill and then across the railroad tracks (the sure legal method)

Since I’m merciful….and running out of time.
At a faster than normal pace for you, run down railroad hill, to the entrance of the park, and down the hill at the entrance.

Recovery pace across the parking lot.

2 Minutes of Mary
Rosalita IC x25
Feet six inches high, hold your hands in front of you till time is called.

Prayers for my FIL with his pancreatic surgery on Monday
Canary is involved with Run for Your Life. May need some guys to volunteer and run with some boys.

– Sort of interesting that we got almost 3 miles in while never really being more than a quarter mile from the flagpole in the park.
– We worked a lot of stuff into my ADD Q.
– Great having Kiefer back with us. Hope the schedule allows for more.
– Canary wore a yellow shirt. He claims this was unintentional. Riiiiiight.
– Those tree suicides had the effect of not being able to feel your legs during the squats after the backwards run up the hill. Unanticipated but appreciated by all. Well, almost all. Think Gwyneth thought about cussing me out but Hoffa wasn’t there so this was a pure Q.
– Kiefer appreciated the BTWs. Who needs arms anyways, right Kiefer?
– Glad EE was able to join us afterwards at Judd’s.
– Appreciate you letting me lead you guys. Always a pleasure to lead men like you.

Glass Joe

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