Sandy a@#

Sandy a@#

I came in hot and fast listing to some drake and wondering why I signed up to lead when Im still feeling the need to recover and rest my arm after as my dr said too much use (that’s code for too many burpees, yard work and chopping wood). Anyway, we headed to the hotbox to get at it- then I decided to take the PAX to the sandbox, a once feared, nasty little place where we lost a number of PAX in the past (I mean we literally lost them, I think they ran away)

SSH x20
LBC x20
LOW SLOW Squat x20

Line up along the sand pit 2 deep
– Lunges down and back
– Bear crawl
– Wounded bear crawl – right leg up
– Wounded bear crawl – left leg up
Head to hotbox/ 3 sets x10 increase by 10 each set.
– Squats
– Step up
– Lunges

Mosey to William R Davies park

– x10 – 3 sets
– Pull ups
– Swing reverse crunch
– Squats

Grab a big rock and a a buddy- head to the upper soccer field.

3 sets intertwine legs sit up and hold rock above head pass to partner x10, x15, x20
Turn over partner merkins x10, x15, x20

Return rocks and wall sit 100 arm raises in cadence. Head back at a painfully slow pace (that’s because we were all a little jelly-legged).

Circle back up for LBC and Mary

So in my head I knew the sand pit would be a winner, and reaffirmed after all when grumbling started and swiper didn’t want to get his shoes sandy.

Firman ed kept trying to strong arm me into more upper body, but I held strong. It was a leg day and I wanted to make a statement that I’m not a one trick pony show.

Rachel, Purelle, Swiper decided they would head out like a bunch of runners to William R Davies park, leaving the rest of us in the dust- that’s okay I got them back with the rock work and the wall sits.

In all seriousness, great work this morning. I love leading workouts and am always humbled by the PAX that keep coming back.



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