Who are these people?

Who are these people?

The beauty of Cerberus is that is mixing PAX who don’t often post together. That was certainly the case today.

From Viva Chicken, we went straight to the Parking Deck

The Alpha
Level 1: 15 Side straddle hops, 10 ‘Merican push-ups
Level 2: 15 Imperial walkers, 10 ‘Merican push-ups
Level 3: 15 Low, slow squats, 10 ‘Merican push-ups
Level 4: 15 Mountain climbers, 10 ‘Merican push-ups

Quick trip to QT for Triple Nickle
Base of stairs 5 Carolina Dry Docs
Top of stars 5 Heels to Heaven

Bear Crawls at Village Walk Rd.
Alternate bear crawls and little baby job at each street light

11 at Viva Chicken
1 Heels to Heaven, bear crawl the parking lot 10 ‘Merican push-ups, mosey back
2 Heels to Heaven, bear crawl the parking lot 9 ‘Merican push-ups, mosey back
all the way to
10 Heels to Heaven, bear crawl the parking lot 1 ‘Merican push-up, mosey back
Finish with People’s Chair & 50 presses

The Omega: Back to the Parking Deck
Level 1: 10 burpees
Level 2: 10 burpees
Level 3: 10 burpees
Level 4: 10 burpees

Mary & ‘Mericans
10 Flutter x 10 ‘Merican push-ups
10 Rosalitas x 10 ‘Merican push-ups
10 Box-cutters x 10 ‘Merican push-ups

Final Assessment
Lots of positive chatter today, like most days. You hear the refrain, “Good work.” For some, such a non-specific refrain can be bleached of meaning, but when your sweating and trying to catch your breath saying, “Good work” is powerful. When you take the time to encourage another person, you are putting F3 principles to work. You are not thinking about yourself, you are encouraging your brother. It’s the reason we keep coming out. It’s not just about me getting better, it’s about us. Stay focused & stay positive.

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GummyPosted on11:01 pm - Apr 13, 2018

Why do I feel like Wild Turkey is giving me the business with his talk of “positive chatter”? Is it my fault that McGee does about 25% of a Merkin? Or that Good Hands’ lunge walk is weird? These things have to be pointed out. Great Q though, Wild Turkey. The last parking deck part was awful, but that’s more about me than you.

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