Union County Boys Can’t Jump (Rope)

Union County Boys Can’t Jump (Rope)

7 Pax from East & West Union County came together at Conviction for a little work around the campus.


  • Mosey to side parking lot of school
  • SSH
  • Imperial Walkers
  • Potato Pickers (with a clap)
  • Merkins


Begin with Merkin Suicides around parking lot using the light posts as markers.  As PAX goes to next light add 5 additional merkins and always perform 10 x LBC at start.

Next have all Pax grab rope with two handles on it and try to jump over the rope after it swings over your head.  Side Note: Learned that neither East nor Western Union County boys are coordinated enough to handle, so called audible after 3 rounds

Audible consisted of going to playground and using the swings.  Partner up with P1 running to school door in corridor while P2 does exercises on swing and then flapjack

  • Round 1 & 2: Supines
  • Round 3& 4: Derkins

After Pax completed all rounds had a quick 10 count and then moseyed over to side of school.

Using the wall Pax alternated Jack Webb style (4:1 ratio) between people chair/air presses  & Mike Tysons. Completed 8 rounds total

Mosey back to start and finish with Mary called out by the Pax


  • First have to thank Bullwinkle for leading Flash on Monday and given me opportunity to lead Conviction – We missed not having you there a key member of the wolf pack
  • Next thanks to Moneyball & Deflated for taking the ride with me to Conviction and leaving the 5 mile radius we tend to stay in for workouts in Western Union County and taking the ride
  • Great work today by Crypto – not going to say it gets easier, but if you stick with it you will continue to improve with the workouts and will undoubtedly form some great bonds with your fellow brothers.
  • Gypsy it was pleasure being out there with you and way to keep the site going and hope the Speed for Need training was success on 4/12
  • Hairband great seeing you again, and I am sure we will get together soon with our fellow Jersey friends, most likely at Bon Jovi concert
  • Horse Head was told you are nearly a founding member of F3 and your wit remained strong during the course of the workout.  Good being out in the gloom with you!


Speed for Need training was at 7pm 4/12, continue to look for other opportunities and be sure to participate in upcoming event as it is truly a great thing.

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