Tour de Pineville

Tour de Pineville

8 men decided to come and take a tour of Pineville and escaped without donuts. This is what went down


Disclaimer given – off we go and explore

Parking lot with Cupcake Delirium


SSH (10 IC)

IW (10 IC)

Merkin (10 IC)

We started heading straight for the Richard Sheltra bridge , we did some 10 civilian count Merkins on the way to make sure we stayed together

Richard Sheltra Bridge

Before the bridge we did some Jack Webbs (Merkins and Arm Raises)

We did 1-5 count merkin (4-20 arm raises. Then run to the bridge touch the sign and come back

Do 6-10 count merkin (big kudos to Private benjamin, Dumpster Fire, Arsenal, Shrink Wrap)

MJ Donuts

Run to the parking lot of MJ Donuts. There are 3 speed breakers. 10-20-30 merkin stops at them.

Never – ending benches (Pineville Elemenatay)

There are 22 benches around Pineville Elementary. We started with 2 LBC at the first then the next 4 … next 6….till 38

Then head back stop for some merkins at The Hut

Back to Base


YHC wanted to let the pax know that the bridge completed few months back was named after the brave firefighter. It was also nice to head to some new territory. Lot of chatter out there. YHC wanted to share his favorite restaurants and spots . Private Benjamin sure likes MJ Donuts. Shrink Wrap and No show finished LBC so quickly, they sure had extra time to do their taxes while rest of us were still finishing our LBCs at all those benches.

This was truly a fun start to my week. YHC remember thinking this was sure a fun Q rather than the times all nervous about the Q. Do it that often and then its all fun.

Also nice to see Lieutenant Dan , great push buddy.

Thank you Dumpster Fire for the takeout


Richard Sheltra Memorial 5k (4/28/18) – Bunch of us are doing. Also options to volunteer – contact Dumpster Fire or Private Benjamin

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