5 pax showed no friggatriskaidekaphobia (fear of Friday the 13th) but perhaps that is the reason why we were only 5.  Where were the others?  Maybe it was fear of the kettlebells and getting so swole that your shirt sleeves burst, like Hairband’s.  Maybe they were delayed by an untimely FBI raid of their home, in a further expansion of Robert Mueller’s ever expanding Russia probe.  Maybe.  Regardless, 5 came to work, so we did.


The Thang


  • 20 two-hand swings
  • Merkins – 10 IC
  • 20 one-hand swings – L
  • IW – (“wait, aren’t we gonna do the other side [or do I have to go through life with one swole side and one less swole]?” “Yes”) – 10 IC
  • 20 one-hand swings – R (or, the other less-swole side)
  • LSS -13 IC
  • 20 one-hand swings – alternating
  • Prying squats – 3
  • 20 one-hand swings – alternating

After a tidy 100 swings to warm us up, things got real.

5-minute Snatch Test

  • Goal:  100 snatches with 24kg/53lb
  • Modify as needed – bell size & volume

Reverse plank (lie on your back) for 1 minute recovery.  “I thought we were gonna do something, but no, we really were just resting?”  “Yes”  (pro tip: a heavier bell or more snatches will further develop your need for rest)

2 by 2 ?

  • Starting rep based on bell size; increase reps by same number each round
  • 3 reps if bell in 30’s; 2 reps if bell in 40’s; 1 rep if bell in 50’s
  • 3 rounds of:
    • One-hand swing – L then R
    • Clean & Press – L then R
    • Snatch – L then R
    • Thruster (squat + press) – L then R
    • Lawnmower – L then R

Cook Drill

Active recovery with:  Waiter carry with non-dominant hand, then racked carry, then suitcase carry until end of parking lot.  Switch hands and return.

Kettlebell Flow Merry-go-round:

Begin with Left hand

  • One-hand swing
  • Snatch
  • Clean
  • Press
  • Squat
  • Swing switch to Right hand & Repeato

3 reps if bell in 30’s; 2 reps if bell in 40’s; 1 rep if bell in 50’s

  • After round 1, rotate to your left and repeato with appropriate rep scheme based on the bell size you found.
    • (note:  Glass Joe used a 40# on his first round)
  • Continue rotating & repeato for 2 more rounds.

Time – darn it


Announcements – none

Take out by Hairband

Swole Mole Skinne:

Well done, guys.  We put in some work this morning and were able to do so in a more informal way that is allowed when the pax is small.  (note: not a joke about Hairband’s stature; we’re discussing pax numbers; Glass Joe will make the jokes)

The Snatch Test is legit, whether the 5 minute version we did or the 10 minute SSST (Secret Service Snatch Test), which we did not do.

The Cook Drill is a good way to work in active recovery and get in some loaded carries, which Dan John highly advocates.  A heavy bell is required to provide the necessary stimulus, otherwise the distances get crazy long.  A few may have needed one size larger today.  Next time.

The two KB flows gave us a good overall mix of KB exercises, without too much of any one thing, and the reps were based on bell size to ensure everyone got enough volume.  As stated at the outset, the goal was to give you options and guidelines and then leave the selection up to you.

Hairband – thanks for the invitation to Q.

Glass Joe – good to see you again; it’s been quite a while.

Lamont & Crypto – nice to meet you both.

Crypto – since you’re newer to KBs (and for reference for other pax), here is a link to a good article on the swing.  At the bottom of the article are links to a similar discussion of the other exercises – snatch, clean, etc.






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Hair BandPosted on6:10 pm - Apr 13, 2018

Thanks for coming out to Q, it is appreciated! It sucked in a good way and tomorrow I will take Advil to lessen the bad suck.

Some PAX had legitimate excuses, I think some just lost the battle with the #Fartsack, but their loss, and they will just get to feel the pain in a future beatdown.

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