Fast twitch, slow backblast

Fast twitch, slow backblast

13 PAX showed up ready to venture out in the new AO, despite the promise of no track work (much to Haze’s friend’s disappointment).


Quick disclaimer, have yet to hear anything from Runstopper or Joker’s lawyers so I guess it was adequate (each took a digger during the workout, who knew Fast Twitch was so dangerous).

The Thang:

Mosey east up Raintree Ln, south on Providence, right on Alexa to enter Berkeley neighborhood. End at Alexa and Summerston for further directions. Partner up with similar speed and good looks (hard for anyone to match up with Fault Line in a Mich Ultra shirt). P1 runs down Summerston, left on Oak pond, P2 runs down Alexa . Meet in the middle for 10 hand slap merkins, continue the look at a recovery pace. Sumu squat jumps with both hands touching the ground when partners meet back up. Switch directions and meet in the middle for 10 more HS merkins. Wait for the 6 with some MARY. Next round P1 goes down Alexa turning right on Oak Pond and P2 goes down Summerston turning left on Oak Pond. Last round P1 goes Down Oak Pond until they meet P2 going down Summerston. First loop was about .85 miles, second loop 1 mile, last loop 1.2 miles. Gather the PAX and head down Alexa and AYG to Providence (PAX already said they gave AYG but YHC needed to get the crew back by 6:15 for COT with hawk’s nest). 6 miles on the dot.


Amazingly this was my first Q at Fast Twitch. Not sure how one gets to be site Q with never actually Q’ing, but shows how badly Haze wanted out. Apologies for the late BB, definitely heard some grumbling this week by a few of the PAX. I didn’t realize Haze’s size 9’s were so big to fill… I will get better.

The good thing about this BB being late is I don’t really remember who was there and how they did. And that no one will read it because it is old. Kidding. Sort of. Everyone was out there pushing each other, and I think the new territory was enjoyed by all since they clearly like running fast repeats on hills. Hope you will have me back.

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