Donuts: It’s a love/hate kind of relationship. Oh, and Liquor.

Donuts: It’s a love/hate kind of relationship. Oh, and Liquor.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Donuts. Show me a man who doesn’t love donuts and I will show you a man who is failing at life. However, sometimes the makers of the Donuts do not like you. They hate the way you walk through their establishment, all sweaty and stuff. They hate that you park in front of their building and then run away for 45 minutes. They hate the fellowship you have with other Donut lovers. They hate that they still can’t get the smell out the bathroom from that one time Semi visited it 7 months ago. Deep down though, they are just jealous. They are jealous that we can run 6 miles and then eat several Donuts. You see, we are different from the standard Donut lovers and they hate us for that. But it’s OK, we forgive them. We will “kill them with our kindness”. They will soon grow to love us just as we love their Donuts. Because, at the end of the day, we all have the same thing in common: the love of Donuts.

Prohibition smells like liquor. All the time. He lives, breathes, and drinks liquor 24/7. Some would say he is one with the liquor. Why? Liquor is his job. And he is winning at his job. No one is more dedicated to his job than Prohibition. When he sleeps at night, he dreams of Mount Gay Rum (yes, its real). When he drives to work, he sips Cointreau. When he eats dinner with his family, they recite the Remy Martin motto, “One Night/Live them” (which as a marketing guy, is wickedly confusing with the singular/plural construction) over and over again. He waters his grass with The Botanist. Yes, his grass is mostly made up of WILD flowers that he FORAGED from 22 islands and DISTILLED to make sweet creams and lotions, which he sells on Saturdays at the farmers market under the brand name “Prohibition’s Liquor Creams”. So, if you are looking to hire someone who is loves their job and lives the job, then look no further than Prohibition.

**This backblast is paid advertisement and brought to you by Remy-Cointreau and their brands of fine liquor.

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2 years ago

I may be a little biased (and possibly a few dollars shorter than yesterday) but that’s my favorite BB of all time.

One could easily see this as a paid endorsement for the finest spirits on the planet. Maybe it’s just the work of a true marketing professional researching for a future partnership. Most likely though it’s just a cyber stalker looking for a free bottle for the weekend. Everyone has their needs.

Kudos for looking into all of my brands and getting most of the details correct. Here are some corrections:

Remy Martin: One Life/Live Them (not night – I’ll explain over donuts)
The Botanist: 22 hand foraged botanicals from Islay (not 22 islands)
Pro’s creams & dreams – only available on Saturdays or by appointment.

My grass looks and smells amazing. Don’t be jealous.

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