Substi – Who?

Substi – Who?

15 gentlemen and 2 ass clowns attended #F3Hydra this morning.  It was mentioned several times by many that they were expecting a sh*t show of a Q.  Well to their surprise, I wasn’t nearly as hungover as expected so they all had to #EAD and we were off.

The Thing

Mosey around school all the way back to the football field.

Quick warm up with SSH and IW.

Soul Crush Ladder to 11 – Jump Squats on one end, Dry Dogs on the other.  10 merkins at 50 yard line each time on the way down.  Felt a bit aggressive right out the gate but Kirk was there so I was trying to impress.

The Balloon Knot –

Station A – 10 pull ups

Station B – 20 dips

Station C – 30 LBC’s

Station D – 40 squats

Home Base – 5 burpees

Mosey across the street, past 2 cops, to the church of the Ozarks.  Partner up.  Partner A runs while Partner B does name exercise with rocks.  Did a little this and that.

Back to AO.  1 round of sprints.  Finished with a bit of stowmache and wide arm merkins.



Being the unselfish gentleman that I am, I offered to subst-Q for somebody this week.  I mean it was 46 degrees with no rain so those are conditions that allow this machine of a body to run Q successfully.  Good group of guys but none better than the 2 ass clowns, SG and Gummy.  Those guys truly care.  Yesterday about 2:30 as I was lamenting my lack of birdies on Quail (ho hum) and drowning myself in several coors lights at Zee Lodge, I got an encouraging call from SG letting me know he was HC.  Gummy, when finding out I was keeping the Lodge in business during early afternoons on quite the daily basis, texted me to make sure I knew I had the Q today.  What would I do without these guys.  #Caring.  Then they proceeded to show up and b*tch the entire time.  Pretty sure they held hands or maybe even went trunk to tail during the Soul Crusher.  It was cute.  Gloss claims he didn’t do merkins on his knees but we all know what the knee condom is for.  I can’t forget to mention Jet Fuel as well.  He too is a kind gentlemen who texted me to remind me of Q.  He also tried to HC Bounce today but to no avail.   Heard Bounce had quite the night at Swinging Richards so he wasn’t physically able to participate.  Queen, Kirk, Egypt and One Eye possibly led the pack during SC.  Couldn’t really tell from 12th position though.  Burpees were called and even completed by YHC much to Kirk’s surprise.  Last item of business pertains to Gloss because it’s just too fun – he always to tries to get all witty with his Orange Theory comments when I Q now and I find it quite hilarious.  Is it more queer that I go to OT occasionally or that your wife makes you go see a personal trainer, that is a DUDE, who works out of his garage?  You get one on one time with a dude practicing kegels and hot yoga while I just might get lucky enough to get to jog a few miles at OT next to some 30-40 something housewife of Mecklenburg County that just might be trying to smuggle jellybeans into the workout.  You make the call.  Tiattts.



See Gloss Twitter feed to donate to Jennings in his battle with Leukemia.


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