Spooky Jon vs Chester at Horsey McHorse Arse

  • When:June to August
  • QIC: Spooky Jon (aka Alpha Stallion)

Spooky Jon vs Chester at Horsey McHorse Arse

Horsey McHorse Arse is getting a face lift (and upgrade) as Spooky John has agreed to be the site Q this year.   13 weeks of misery with tentative start date on Monday, June 4 but subject to change at Spooky Jon’s discretion.

As outgoing site Q, here is the list of top 10 goals I have given him:

  1. Top 5 finish for at least 1 BRR team that trains regularly at McHorsey
  2. No hills the one day I post
  3. No sand bags the one day I post (that was just stupid Pro)
  4. Top the list of Q’s we had last year (it was damn good except for when YHC and Prohibition Q’d)
  5. Better BB’s (last year was pretty lame even if we had real runners to Q most workouts – hard to find runners that can post good BB’s)
  6. Find someone to take the Horsey trophy away from two time champ Fishwrap
  7. No repeat of Bratwurst Q when he took us down the Greenway (only time Metro and Area 51 split up – Metro was right)
  8. Beat the record of 44 PAX (set in Year 1 of Horsey)
  9. Chase down, kill, and eat a deer during COT (raw)
  10. Convince Chester to join the PAX one morning (running – make sure everyone has a partner other than Chester)

Should be aweful

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BratwurstPosted on10:52 pm - Apr 11, 2018

Chelms and Metro must be soft or not read Preblast when I Q. Will be signing up again to Q the Greenway, and this time will try to lose more PAX that don’t listen to instructions. And a team that does train at Horsey (at least occasionally) will post top something at BRR this year – guaranteed.

    Chelms aka TatertotPosted on3:16 pm - Apr 12, 2018

    Whether or not I am soft is up for debate but I rarely read pre-blasts. I was the one who “walked” the injured pax (who was it) back to lot so I remember as it was the easiest Horsey for me all year. I did contradict myself as I requested one no hills day when I post this year and your route was relatively flat compared to the normal course. As such, I’ll post when you Q if I can.

      TweetsiePosted on12:53 pm - Apr 13, 2018

      Injured PAX was me- spent the whole summer as the six running those hills and the Greenway Q is where I wipe out and have to go IR for a week. The day after coming back from vacation no less- so Brat I may just have a scheduling conflict for your Q

Ickey ShufflePosted on1:35 am - Apr 12, 2018

I take umbrage at point number five of this manifesto. Last year my Pre and Backblasts were spectacular. I’m no runner though, so I will concede that particular part of your claim. I suppose it takes a Meathead to both make a running workout interesting and properly document it for posterity.

    Chelms aka TatertotPosted on3:18 pm - Apr 12, 2018

    Goal 5 says “pretty lame” and not completely lame. I was criticizing the entire body of work and not any specific BB. Yours was not half bad and you had more creativity than all the other Q’s from last year combined.

ProhibitionPosted on2:39 am - Apr 12, 2018

Wait. I’m not Site Q anymore? That’s probably a good thing as I was barely there last year. 100% agree on no sandbags. I don’t even like looking at them in my garage. Of the 3 commenters so far: Brat’s was well planned, but he did lead us down a dark path resulting in a nasty tumble and bloody leg. Mine was stupid. Ickey’s was most creative and well executed all around including the PB/BB. Not sure how much I’ll be out there this summer as I won’t be doing much training. Just don’t make the natives angry. That place has gotten a little rough of late. Say hello to Chester!

    Chelms aka TatertotPosted on3:19 pm - Apr 12, 2018

    You nailed it Pro – you never really were site Q (at least based on your work product or lack there of). My back is still sore from carrying you the entire summer last year.

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