Back in the Game

Back in the Game

14 men arrived by 0530 for the designated start time.  Hops pulled in just in time for a few to sign waivers, so disclaimer was given next to his truck while the back office work was done.  2 men, Chelms and Shoe, arrived well into the workout, but found us nonetheless.  Glad they did.  16 total.


Mosey down to lower parking lot toward Raintree Lane.  Circle up.


All in cadence.  SSH x 10/IW x 10/ Mountain Climber x 10/Merkin x 15/Low Slow Squat x 10/CDD x 10/

5 Burpees OYO

Mosey out of campus onto Raintree.  Stop at bottom of hill off Providence at the big tree at bend in sidewalk.

Triple Nickel

Run up to Providence.  5 Hand-Release Burpees.  Back Down.  5 Heels to Heaven.  5 Repetitions.

Mosey across Raintree back onto campus.  Continue mosey through campus into one of the lots above Swim MAC.


Legs up between sets.  All in cadence.  High Flutter x 10/Rosalita x 10/Heels to Heaven x 10/Protractor

Wide Arm Merkin x 10 in cadence

Mosey over to Swim MAC lot.  2 staircases.  Stop at south staircase.

Triple Nickel

Run up stairs.  5 Burpees or 5 Pull ups.  Mosey down north staircase.  5 Double-Merkin Burpees.  5 Repetitions.

Plank-o-rama upon completion

Mosey over to bridge on walkway to football field.

People’s Chair

Right Leg High/LLH-10 count.  Drop down another 3 inches.  Hold.  20 Low Slow Squats OYO.

Mosey up past football field and through campus back to launch lot.


Same as last Mary, legs up, in cadence.  LBC x 10/Freddie Mercury x 10/Flutter x 50



Was DR for Spring Break with the family last week.  Last F3 post was 03/28/2018.  11 days off F3.  Last Q was 02/02/2018.  Longest time between Q’s since my VQ 08/24/2013 and my second Q 10/01/2013.  Good to be back out and even better to lead a workout.

Doc was out front on the long sets.  Busch right behind him.  Chelms was near the front on the 2nd Tripel Nickel, but, not surprisingly, he left early.  Not to mention, he and Shoe missed all of COP and 4 reps of the first Triple Nickel.  Again, glad they made it.  Site FNG’s.  Margo another site FNG.  High Tide and Puddin Pop may have been as well.

Speaking of Puddin Pop, he took a straight up tumble on the mosey back to launch lot.  It was loud and worrisome, but he is a tough man and got up immediately to complete the workout.  He skinned a knee pretty good, but only a superficial injury.  Glad for that.  Thanks for coming out to check out the workout.  Always good to have new guys post.  Schmedium and HIPAA posting HN regularly.  Nice, keep it up.  Shoe, Wild Turkey, and Geraldo pushing hard on all work today.  Aside from the hard work he put in, Hops also got the back office stuff done as well.  Thanks for that.  #waivers

Bananas and Busch, both now regulars, throw down some serious #mumblechatter.  Good to see the fellowship and enjoyment the guys get by being out there and getting work done with the group.

2.5 miles, 50 Burpees, hills, stairs, mary, etc

Thanks for the opportunity to lead at Hawks Nest.  Thoroughly enjoyed it.  Good work out there men.

YHC took us out.


Please keep the Palmer family in your thoughts and prayers.  Bout Time’s son, Jennings, will receive a transplant of bone marrow cells from his sister, Caroline, this month.  Song, Scripture, and Prayer 04/19/2018 at 7:30 at RTS Charlotte Chapel, 2101 Carmel Road.  Join if you can.  #allinforjennings



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Chelms aka TatertotPosted on6:18 pm - Apr 10, 2018

Shoe follows directions worse than my wife. Pop Tart deserves some extra love after running thru a wall yet you left his name out from PAX list at the top (15 at time of audit – realize you may edit later). I like to think I anticipated the start rather than left early. You had given clear directions – why wait around.

HopsPosted on7:37 pm - Apr 10, 2018

Chelms – you’re on to something – Puddin’ Pop Tart. Sounds like a treat, but there’s already a chocolate filled pop tart on the market. What other names could we combine. Wild Turkey Pop Tart – just not at breakfast!

Great Q Mermaid. Forgotten how dangerous it can be running the streets of Raintree in all black with the working men & women heading to work at 5:45am.

By the way, we did a lot more than 50 burpees today…at least 80 by my very unaudited, unofficial count….of course Bananas, Puddin’, Geraldo and others did far fewer than 50.

Speaking of Puddin’ – sorry for the spill brother. You did blame me at COT as I took the shortcut but avoided the brick wall and you tried to follow…don’t always do what the Site Q’s do! Glad you signed the waiver. The late Respect’s, however, did not sign the waivers. Next time, lest you get lost on campus or something….

MermaidPosted on8:07 pm - Apr 10, 2018

You are right Hops, 80 burpees rather than 50. One of those days where had to leave and come back to B.B. several times. Felt more like 100 given the time off

BananasPosted on10:44 pm - Apr 10, 2018

The only burpees I did were the pre-merkins descent to the ground and then getting back up after merkins. Still probably doesn’t equal one. If I work too hard I can’t talk the whole time and that defeats the purpose.

    High TidePosted on7:49 pm - Apr 11, 2018

    I’m with ‘naners, only I #mumblechatter less (I think). Burpees are no bueno, so I subbed merkins and squats, which are more to my liking.
    Apologies for skipping all Mary, but she aggravates my abdominal/groinal strain. (it’s so bad, I can’t even do TGUs!)
    Second post to the Nest, but I’ll take a welcoming call out in the BB anytime I can get it.

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