Is the heat on?

Is the heat on?

On a beautiful spring morning, 7 PAX moseyed on down to the scout hut for some recovery stretching time. Here’s how it went:


  • Devotion:

Psalm 32:7- “You are a hiding place for me; you preserve me from trouble; you surround me with shouts of deliverance.”

  • Corpse Pose- (Breathe in through nose out mouth)
  • Stand up into Mountain
  • SSH X 15
  • IW X15
  • Move into Table Top
  • Cat Cow (5 times)
  • Side Bends (5 Breaths) L/R
  • Child’s Pose
    • Shift to the Left
    • To the Right

The main thing

  • Mountain
  • Sun salutation (X3, 2nd and 3rd OYO)
    • Arms reaching overhead
    • Full fold (heavy body)
    • Up to halfway lift
    • Into plank
    • Down into up dog/Cobra
    • Move into Down dog (Walk the Dog)
    • Step into Lunge, then move into full fold
    • From full fold to mountain
  • Mountain move to Chair (5 Breaths).
  • Move to Prayer Chair, and Chair Twist (Left)= 5 Breaths
  • Back to Mountain, Sun Salutation
  • To mountain and move to chair 5 breaths
  • Prayer Chair then chair twist (right)
  • Out of twist to mountain and Sun Salutation (X2 OYO)
  • Start Salutation, Once in downward dog Left right leg as high as possible and swing through to move into
  • Warrior 1
  • Warrior 2
  • Reverse Warrior
  • Warrior 3
  • Shift into Starfish
  • Reach for right leg then left
  • Return to mountain, lead salutation
  • Repeat flow
  • In Plank
  • Mountain Climbers X10
  • Six inches (hold for ten seconds)
  • On your six
  • Right leg in, reach for your left (switch)
  • Butterfly- sitting tall, pushing your legs with your elbows in order to open up your hips (5 breaths)
  • Mountain- Sun Salutation (twice) go into a third time lift right leg up and go into…. Dead Pigeon (Right)
  • Hold for 45 seconds, and move into Down dog. Finish sun salutation, and move into another one until you lift left leg up and go into left side of Dead Pigeon Hold for 30 seconds, and move into finishing sun salutation (end in mountain)
  • Then move to one legged wind removing
  • Once you do both sides do happy baby, and back to Corpse pose
  • Review Devotion again




Another great time with a great group of guys. I will say though- it was stinking hot today. It almost appeared that since the temperature was warmer outside, that the heat had to be cranked up in the Scout Hut to accommodate the rising temps.

I decided to go with the antler lighting this morning- switching it up a bit but we prevented it from getting to romantical by balancing the lighting with a playlist of great Classic Rock songs

Great seeing Band Aid for week 2- even if he looks 15 years younger with no beard.

T-claps to Arena and Lois for the pre runs before- weather was perfect for it.

Get ready for another VQ next week! Chopper will be taking the reigns for the first time at Gumby next week!

Thanks guys for coming out- always a pleasure to lead!



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