Rockin the Road Trip Radio

Rockin the Road Trip Radio

A last minute sub Q for Blazing Saddles meant a hodge podge of exercises and tunes today for the men of Kevlar.


SSH x 10

IW x 10

Merkins x 10

Honeymooners til it hurt

Mosey to parking lot and partner up

Partner 1 runs a hot lap while partner 2 does called exercise and flip.

  1. Wide arm merkins
  2. Lunges
  3. Carolina dry dogs
  4. Jump quats

Mosey to soccer field still partnered up.

Partner 1 runs lap while partner exercises and flip:

  1. Tractor tire flip
  2. Louganis with weight plate
  3. Tri extensions with KB
  4. Suicides
  5. Dry docks on tire
  6. Push ups on exercise balls
  7. Squat press with KB

Indian Run around track with half group sprinting and others jogging – flip.

Suicides combos

Jack Webb with diamond merkins and ab exercises



Been a while since I had ventured out to Kevlar due to a dodgy back but good crew today. “Saddle Bags” had not realized he was on Q but I had heard he went under the knife yesterday so checked in last night and considering he cant lift anything for 2 weeks I took on the Q.

Random music today from  the Road Trip Radio Spotify playlist. Only pax I heard singing along was Busch and Nightcourt and plenty of dodgy tunes to grunt and groan to! Lots of cardio today cos I needed it so hopefully the lads got something out of it too.

Have a great Masters weekend fellas #goTiger!


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GummyPosted on1:53 pm - Apr 6, 2018

I have comments:
– I haven’t seen Night Court in probably 4 years, but apparently he’s been back for a while and we just haven’t hit the same workouts. Good to see him again, and I appreciated his commentary during the hot laps.
– Bulldog is too cheap to pay for ad-free Pandora.
– Busch was uncharacteristically quiet since his usual BFF was Q and wasn’t avaiable for soccer talk.
– Cottontail has 12 kids.
– I specifically chose Kevlar over Joust because the 20-year-olds at Joust make me feel old and slow. Then there was a 16-year-old at Kevlar that dusted us all morning. Nice kid though. He called me “sir” when I chatted him up during one of the laps.

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