Ponch and Jon – CHIPS Style

Ponch and Jon – CHIPS Style

13 Pax ignored spring break fever for a Co-Q/Double Trouble beat down at Impromptu.

MoneyBall had the first 1/2 and non upper body portion -which aligns with his recovery plan for the fatty shoulder issue.

Warmup that Frack would be proud of – Run over to bus row – SSH/CP/MC and something else

The Thang – Start with lightpole squat (20 at each) on way down – way back (20) jump lunges (need the proper name) – (2 Q points from Posse)

Head to front of HS – 20 toe taps on bench and hot lap X2

Head to parking lot for Star – center to the four light poles with 20 bonnie blairs at each and 25 LBC’s at center each time

some mumble chatter as we had the handoff – “great planning” “so organized” were just some of the compliments going around

Parking slot progressive Merkin/Hurley.  Start at Parking Slot #50  move to next and perform merkin/back to #50 and 1 Hurley – continue to 60

Head over to Bench ampitheatre area – 20 Dips in Cadence (-2 Q points from Posse) and introduced the group to the Catalina Wine Mixer – 10.  Much debate over the # of steps this mixer entails – was it 5 or 6 or XXX(-2 Q points from Posse again)

Mosey to wall by HS Gym -20 Donkey Kicks (-2 QPoints from Posse) and 10 more CWM’ers

Mosey to front of Middle School – 20 more dips and 25 Peoples Chair Presses – led by Posse and you guessed it (-2 Q Points from Posse)

Mosey to cars for last set of CWM’ers – 10

Hope that everyone enjoyed the Catalina Wine Mixers – I heard rumblings about elbow pads – check with Yeast I heard he is not using his

When all was said and done this Duel Q workout came in at at robust 580 calorie count.

Based on the Posse Q scoring method this Q came in at a very respectable -10.  If you need a Q school instructor for the next batch of Virgin’s – just let me know – I’m available

COT/Pastor MadDog led us

Announcements: – Shake -N bake – move- follow Posse on GM,SLACK, Twitter for details.  Lou is working on family workout for saturdays.  Lawson Vendor fair April 21st? lets assist at the booth for good showing and recruitment.  Stub Hub has a critter on the way…..best advice would be to decline any advice from this crew.  And Ray is starting a new job which may infringe upon his Meme activity – offer him your support





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