Guest Q and Guest Backblast Writer

Guest Q and Guest Backblast Writer

Growing up as a baseball player, YHC’s father always said, “Great play + bad throw = zero. Finish the play.”

Our QIC didn’t finish the play. I couldn’t let his great Q and the great work from the attending PAX turn into a zero! Time to finish the play with a backblast.

From memory-

Warm up lap to side of Dreamcatchers

SSH x 20?

Mtn Climbers x 20?

Some other standard warm-up exercise and we were off

The Thang:

Stop Signs and Burpees. We took a running lap through backside of Waxhaw. Those of us with intimate knowledge of the downtown area expected to meet one of our brave boys in blue as we were heading dangerously close to the sacred playground.

Not sure how many stop signs, but seemed like 8-10 with 3? burpees at each. We ran all through Waxhaw with this stop and burp cadence. Then headed to #keithjonghill for the real fun.

Goodfella found a large collection of boulders blessed by our resident Rock Rabbi, Frack himself. We partnered up grabbed a rock.

Round 1: Curls and Runs

Partner 1 did curls while Partner 2 scaled #keithjonghill to the stop sign and returned. I believe it was 150 curls per team

Round 2: Curl to Press

Partner 1 did curl to press while Partner 2 scaled #keithjonghill to stop sign and returned. 150 on this one as well (the Q probably knows)

Round 3: Triceps extension

Partner 1 did curl to press while Partner 2 scaled #keithjonghill to stop sign and returned. 150? Again, the Q most likely knows.

YHC most likely missed an entire segment of the workout in the above backblast, but #thefloater has a spotless backblast record (in spite of GF and Stubby’s best efforts) so we couldn’t let the streak end…not like this.


Great to have Goodfella come run the Floater for us. He did a great job, always comes up with a good workout, and really pushes us. We just need to have him be as motivated to write backblasts as he is to win AMRAPs and burpee challenges! 🙂


Moving Shake and Bake to our area on Saturday- see Posse for more details

F3 vendor tent at Lawson- show up and show out. Maybe we can all do burpees or merkins in the Millhouse parking lot to show them what we got

F3 Saturday Family workout- 9ish 2 workouts. One semi-serious and another one a bit more fun and lower impact. Details being ironed out

Open Door Bible Study @7am at 5 Stones Office Sunday Morning

Thanks, Mad Dog for taking us out. Sincerest apologies if I missed any of you. I believe the number was 10…

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