Whose “Pebbles” are the smallest?

Whose “Pebbles” are the smallest?

7 men ignored the call of Spring Break and posted at Anvil for some mid-week fun.   There was still plenty of chatter to make the morning interesting (more later).

The Thang:

Mosey over to grassy area next to Pavilion for warm up:

  • Merkins X10
  • Peter Parker X10
  • Diamonds X10
  • Mtn Climbers X10
  • Low slow squat X10 (PH threatened to Refusnik another round of plank work so I had to modify)
  • Stagger right X10 (or is it stagger left)
  • Stagger left X10 (see above only opposite)

Mosey over to parking lot for start of the ladder (head-fake the PAX when I called out a pyramid of 5/10/15/10/5 but was pretty sure we didn’t have that much time).   Run to stop sign by playground for 5 burpees and back to start, run to rock pile and carry your rock back to the start and do 5 squats with push presses, run to large rock on other side of parking lot (dropping off the rock as you pass the pile) for 5 merkins and then back to start.  That was round 1.  Round 2 we did 10 of the called exercises and round 3 we did 15 (YHC was pretty smoked at this point – I called an audible from a pyramid to a ladder after round 2 although I wanted to keep it a secret from Purple Haze so I only told the rabbit – Rachel).   Mary while PAX waits on the 6.

Mosey down to parking lot near launch point for some sprints, dips and merkins (30/15 and then 15/5) more sprints and finish with bear crawls.

Naked MS

Gummy acted liked he didn’t hear my disclaimer when I added that form didn’t count this morning and thus he proceeded to try to bust my chops for squats that didn’t meet some standard he set (and which he has never achieved).  Purple Haze left me alone because I allowed him to carry his pebbles instead of a real rock.  Rachel was where you expect while Lewinski was proud of keeping up with Rachel on round 1 of the ladder but then realized Rachel was only in 1st gear for round 1.

Heard at F3 should have been there this morning.   First act:

Purple haze – My stones are pretty small

Gummy – Mine aren’t much bigger

Second act:

YHC – I take a pill when gout flares – not the blue one

Scratch and win – we should do a workout at the Y where all the PAX take a blue pill before the workout.


Got nothing after that


Christine Latini Memorial run (8k) on April 21 in Huntersville in memory of Olive’s daughter who passed away from a rare disease in 2016.   Shoe and I will be driving a clown car if anyone wants to signup and there are over 200 F3 pax signed up.  https://racesonline.com/events/christina-latini-memorial-8k

Church on the Street can always use volunteers on Sunday mornings at 6am.  This is a great volunteer opportunity and YHC highly recommends.

Speed for Need has several runs planned – check out Slack/Twitter/Billboards/etc (Tolkein is a marketing machine).

Take out – Great take out by Scratch and win, thanks brother.

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Purple HazePosted on2:07 pm - Apr 4, 2018

Note the plural…that’s two rocks I carried.

    Chelms aka TatertotPosted on2:54 pm - Apr 4, 2018

    Two “rocks”? We may have to change your name to pinocchio. Gummy said it right – “my pebbles are a little bigger than yours” and that ain’t saying much.

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