Can’t read the Weinke without my readers

Can’t read the Weinke without my readers

While waiting for Cheddar and other late-comers including Private Benjamin who had just woken up…after getting out of his car — YHC did not leave adequate time for suitable disclaimer, but Tool Bag did plant the shovel flag, and off went 15 hump-day warriors for another assault at The Maul.

Below is what the pax did with some other commentary interspersed.

The Thang & Ye Olde Moleskine:

Before we launched, War Eagle asked if he needed gloves since YHC did not have any.  I said ‘no’, but after seeing most of the pax with gloves, he went back to his vehicle.  His indecision may have been due to the fact this was the first Wednesday post for War Eagle since joining the F3 pax?  M. was out of town on spring break with the kids, thus, FiA did not take precedence.  Good to have you brother.  Seems to me an HDHH of some kind is in your near future.

The pax jogged over to the lot in front of Firebird’s for COT.  On the way, I explained to Chunder how Merlot is the F3 synonym for his Scottish nickname meaning vomit.  Young and willing to learn – thanks for listening.

Slow squat holds x 10 IC

IW x 15 IC

Rockhopper x 15 IC

Carolina Dry Dock x 15 IC

Flutter x 15 IC

I think that was it, but not sure.

Partner up.

P1 does jump on wall with 2 squats while P2 runs a lap around the lot. Flapjack. Repeato.

P1 does H-R merkins while P2 runs a lap.  Flapjack. Repeato.

YHC changed the lap distance 3 times during this segment.  Why?  Because I was already ad libbing the Weinke.  That’s why.  I also had no partner.  The Q is the last kid picked.  Always.

Enron, Frasier and Squid were flying around the circuit runs.  Hadn’t seen Enron since meeting him at my only Donut Run post several months ago.

Pax then jogged over to the far back corner of Target.  Cheddar and Frasier were making sure the six was well secured.  Team players.

More partner work.

P1 runs up the hill for 5 jump squats while P2 does LBC’s.  Flapjack.  Repeato but with 10 jump squats.

P1 runs up the hill for 10 jump squats while P2 does Dolly.  Flapjack.

At this point, The Commish complimented me on the Q thus far, but I think he was really giving me grief.  He has coached football before, and it was obvious I was audibling everything.  Nothing but “Omaha’s”!

Mosey to back of Target for some wall work.

People’s Chair with overhead press x 25 IC.


More People’s Chair.

More BTW’s.  Mic Check said he had to get closer to the wall for his BTW’s….who was I to argue…or anyone else for that matter.  Yikes.

We then did some lunge walks for about 45-50 yards; and Fredo explained to YHC why it was not a good idea to cry during a downpainment.  Quite certain I’ll be crying during some workouts if the good Lord still enables me to do this after age 50!  Fredo, on the other hand, still crushes these workouts.

Various plankorama throughout the workout including the always-effective Dancing Chilcutt’s.

We did one 50’ish yard sprint, and No Show, Mic Check, Chunder and several others took off like they just shoplifted electronics from Target.

We made our way back to the front of the multiplex for some burpees.  5 at each of 4 lampposts on the way back to the launch lot.  You guys didn’t think this would be a burpee-free beatdown, did you?!

Chunder was mumble chattering something fierce at this point.

We got back in time for 6 MoM including (maybe?) the following x 15 or 10 IC:

American Hammer, Freddy Mercury, Rosalita, and we moved over to the grass (You’re welcome!) for Mahkthar N’Djaiye’s.


COT w/announcements including Richard Sheltra 5K/10K in Pineville on 4/28 and Savage Race on 5/19 somewhere in the nether regions of Cabarrus County.

Also Cheddar and Zeke Face told us the derivations of their nicknames.  I think a rename is in order for Zeke Face as it’s too kind for a Cowboy/Duke fan.

Thanks to Squid for taking us out in prayer.

…..Shrink Wrap was there, too….and while I didn’t see him refusenik anything, I’m confident he did…especially the burpees.

That’s it fellas.  Thanks to Tool Bag and No Show for giving me a slot to Q at The Maul.  Solid pax this morning.  Good work men.  And it is a privilege to Q.




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