No Madison No Problem

No Madison No Problem

Madison was on Q but was out of town or just fartsacking. Not sure which but either way, he’s as useful as a Bullwinkle HC. Been a while since I Q’d Thrive and figured since most of these guys have easy Qs, I’d up the difficulty level some. Heck, with a low bar like Madison, it really isn’t too difficult.

The Thang

Quick mosey around the parking lot to get the blood flowing. Already more difficult than Madison.

SSH IC x25
IW IC x20
Windmills (sorta Abe Vigoda style) IC x10

Mosey to the side road.
Sprint to first two peninsulas and burpees x5 at each.

Mosey to soccer field and partner up

Partner Wheelbarrow switching as needed across the soccer fields (the long way across). First time through for each partner was merciful. Each switch thereafter was to begin with 5 decline merkins and then start the Wheelbarrow.

Mosey to hill which seems steeper than the other side of the hill we normally use.

11s with squat jumps at the bottom, bomb jacks at the top and backwards run up the hill. Whiners started complaining. Hoffa got angrier if possible. A few falls among the PAX. #notaprofessional Exercises while we collect.

Mosey to the other side road.

Begin with a normal pace of running and at the first tall light pole, sprint at a faster pace, then back to normal at the next tall light pole, and keep switching paces at the tall light poles all the way to the end of the road.

Crab Walk back up the road to the next light pole (short/tall both count here). Bear crawl to the next. Lunge Walk to the next. Reverse Lunge Walk to the next. Sprint/Regular pace runs using the tall light poles back to the intersection.

Oh look, we have to get back to the starting point. 7s using the hill with the same format (jump squats/bomb jacks) and backwards run up. Finishing at the bottom.

Partner wheelbarrow across the field. This time, start with 5 decline merkins each time across. Cadence exercises while we collect.

Mosey to the building.

Balls to the Wall and inverted mountain climbers IC x10. Twice actually.

People’s Chair w/ Air Presses Standard Count x50.

Mosey back to the parking lot. Christmas speaks for the first time and manages to get out something about an easy Q.

Thanks to Christmas, burpees x10.

Rosalita IC en Espanol x35
Protractor with a slow 10 count at 10 degrees at the end. Sorry for getting sidetracked several times during the countdown. #ADHD


Thanks to HB for praying us out.
Prayers for my FIL and his cancer surgery coming up
No Regerts on Q at Conviction. Lamont at Overdrive.
Possible Convergence to #F3TippingPoint (former Monroe/former Shutes Pond) Saturday to support SnB move

– I said you’d need gloves and #smokeboots. YHC would not lie to you.
– Some comment made with two minutes to go before we started about those same words ‘You got 2 minutes’ are what Hoffa hears from his M. He cursed at it so not sure if that’s confirmation or not but seems fairly likely.
– Christmas spoke. And insulted the Q. That’s fair actually.
– Appreciate the DD 2nd F with HB and eHarmony.
– Great to have Blue Crush, Tweetsie and Lois join us today.
– Some social media comments about SnB dealing with allergies or some sort of monthly issue. Not sure but it sounds awful. He should be better by next week though.
– Thanks for letting me lead this bunch of crazies this morning.

Glass Joe

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FredoPosted on4:51 pm - Apr 3, 2018

Looks like a great workout – and solid BB. After my Q at Outland…these comments all seem plausible.

GypsyPosted on3:21 pm - Apr 4, 2018

The mumble chatter from your Q did not end on Tuesday Glass Joe.
Still hearing (ok.. i was on of them too) today at Conviction about the reverse running of the hills killing the thighs and shoulders still smoked from the football field wheel barrels. GREAT JOB bud.. and some unmentioned pax i know did not post this morning even after finally speaking at a post and proclaiming a need for more difficulty. 😉

Murphaletta – F3 South CharlottePosted on1:05 pm - Apr 5, 2018

[…] that the lower half of YHC’s body is still not quite fully recovered from Thrive a couple of days ago, the running part is definitely getting cut down. And given that YHC missed his timed mile goal by […]

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