Hop-along Cassidy. Bow and arrow. Very Weird.

Hop-along Cassidy. Bow and arrow. Very Weird.

Eleven men gathered in a luxurious parking lot on the campus of Charlotte Latin this morning. The boys from Skunkworks made the long drive over from their own private school to join us.

Mosey through the climate controlled outdoor hallways to a parking lot for a quick warmup. Does Busch ever get tired enough to not talk during a workout? No matter, off we go for a quick lap down the hill to the track, down the straightaway, out the gate on the turn and back up to the top of the bleachers. Groups of three – one runs that way down the hill to the straightaway on the track, one runs the other way – 10 handslap merkins when they meet on the track. Partner 3 runs bleacher stairs in the meantime. Situps when all three meet at the top. Three times through.

Down to the field (real grass, none of that carcinogenic fake stuff that the other private schools use) and line up abreast on one sideline. Lunge walk halfway, bear crawl the rest. Repeat. Then AYG 400. Recover with a little Mary, then up to a wall on a building near a staircase. Alternate People’s Chair and BTW while one guy runs down the hill and back up the stairs. Once everybody ran, then over to a nearby low wall for 20 dips, 15 derkins, 10 jump ups. Repeat.

Down to a parking lot with islands. Suicides – 10 jump squats at first island, back to start for 10 CDDs. Same thing at second and third island. Mary break, then repeat but start with the far island. Mosey up the hill to the back field (so many fields) for gassers. 10 sprints across the field with a 10-count between each. Back to the launch for a little Peter Parker/Parker Peter to run out the clock. Done.

The Fast Twitch guys were nowhere to be seen. The Hawks Nest crew got antsy 30 seconds after 6:15 and started leaving, so we did our own COT. Latin is a great AO – we’re still figuring out the features and haven’t nicknamed anything yet (except maybe the Labyrinth for the crazy outdoor hallways) like the Hot Box, Grandma, North Face, Semi Gloss’s office. But so many options for hills, fields, stairs, etc. Good stuff. If you haven’t checked it out yet, come out sometime soon. The joint COT with the Fast Twitch PAX is fun too – if you think it’s fun to hear them complain about running hills.

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