Base Camp 04/02/18 BB

Base Camp 04/02/18 BB

With both co-site Q’s out on IR, the keys to Base Camp were handed over to YHC.  Whether that was a smart decision remains to be seen.  Seven men fought off the Easter-induced glucose fog, rolled out of the fartsack and into the gloom to break a sweat.


Proper disclosure given, the PAX mosied around the front parking lot of SMMS and settled in for the COP:

SSH, Imperial Walker and Mountain Climbers each in cadence and X 20

Then to the benches for 15 each dips and step ups along with 10 derkins.  Rinse and repeat.

Back into the parking lot and partner up for modified Dora 1-2-3.  Each team to do 50 merkins, 100 squats and 150 LBC’s.  Partner 1 starts with merkins while partner 2 runs a pre-set lap in the parking lot.  After completing the run partner 2 picks up with merkins where partner 1 left off.  Partner 1 runs.  Partners keep flap-jacking until they have cycled through the requisite numbers of the 3 exercises.

Mosey to the basketball goals in the side parking lot.  Run a cycle of suicides using the 4 goals as turn-arounds.

Then time to enjoy the animal kingdom: first up the Stafish:  bombjacks, diamond merkins, Carolina dry docks and Sister Mary Katherine’s in the 4 corners.  15 each with 5 burpees in the middle after each corner.

Then the PAX lined up in the bus lot and bear crawled the width of about 6 bus parking spots.  Crab walk back.

Mosey to the rear of the parking lot for some rest and relaxation in the People’s Chair. Three evolutions with the following number of sllllooooowwwww arm raises:  25, 30 and 35.  Then an old friend made an unscheduled appearance to the delight of all – Jack Webb.  We cycled up through round 7 of Jack’s torture before the we heard the call of Mary thus ending the frivolity of Mr. Webb.

In Mary’s Easter basket we found the following presents:  flutters and dollys X 20 each and the American hammer X 25.

Moleskin:  great effort expended by the PAX today.  Perhaps it’s because it’s Monday or perhaps because it was post-holiday that may have included extra eating, but the mumblechatter and joking seemed at a low level.  But the PAX put their collective noses to the grindstone and put in good work today.  Thanks for the opportunity to lead and for your strong effort.

Good luck to Gooney and Bennie and their respective recoveries.  Thanks also to Marvel for taking us out this morning.


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