We Found a Gem

We Found a Gem

9 for today’s spring break edition of Fast Twitch. It went something like this.

The Thang

Quick disclaimer then we were off. Head out of Latin. Take a left on Providence. Go to the bottom of the hill and take  a right on High Ridge entering into Providence Plantation. Continue the warm up running until you get to the intersection with Houston Branch Rd. Stop there to wait on the six and give instructions. The main set was simple enough. Houston Branch has 2 stop signs. The second being at the end of the road. We would run to the second stop sign (the end of the road). Do 10 Merkin and 10 Jump Squats. Run back to the start. Do 10 Merkins and 10 Jump Squats. Run to the first stop sign. Do 10 Merkin and 10 Jump Squats. Run back to the start. Do 10 Merkins and 10 Jump Squats. Gather up the six. Make the trek back to the launch going the way we came. Done

Naked Moleskin  

Good work today guys. That was a fun one. Who knew a little BRR-esque gem was across from our new FT launch location. Complete with curvy road ahead sign. Well…I guess Pro knew. YHC mentioned where we were going before we started and the Oh S*$t look sorta came out.

Thanks goodness for a bright moon and Geraldo’s headlamp. There are a couple of dark spots in that neighborhood. A few of the street lights near the entrance were out so glad Geraldo could light our way.

Thanks Astro for the take out.

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ProhibitionPosted on6:47 pm - Apr 3, 2018

I think actual Oh S#*t words came out, actually. Possibly even a little bit of actual s#*t on the second trip up the hill.

That was brutal. I’m sure that will be a regular run in the next few months.

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