Legs Routine

Legs Routine

4  PAX, posted on a lovely Carolina Blue sky Saturday morning to partake in another addition of Ascent.

I was absolutely energized to see 2 of my favorite F3 buds waiting and ready to roll when I showed up… Council Fire and Costanza. A few seconds before 7:00 Cooter joined us… Good addition. After some hugs and high-fives… We were off…

Warm up Indian Run to Harris Teeter for COP

SSH (Side Straddle Hop) x 23

Low Slow Squats x 10

The Thang:

Ran back to OP stopping at ever other power line poll to do 10 LCB’s (aka LBC’s)

25 Balances Lunges each leg – Using the benches in front of the school.

25 Squats

Ran to the back of the school

25 Super Skaters (each leg)

90 seconds of wall squats

25 Step Back Lunges (each leg)

25 Alternating Side Lunges (each leg)

90 Seconds of wall squats – Costanza and Cooter did one legged wall squats

25 Deadlift Squats (each leg)

5 3-Way Lunges (each leg)

20 Sneaky Lunges

2 Sets of 30 second Chair Salutations

25 Toe Roll Iso Lunges (each leg)

20 Grouchos

30 Calf Raises (foot pointed in, out, and straight – total 90)

25 80/20 Speed Squats (each leg)

Our upper body was feeling left out… so we finished up with some Plankers Delight. PAX planked shoulder to shoulder, while 1 went down the line doing two hand slap merkins with each man. We did two rounds.

Had time to finish up with 10 additional merkins… Costanza’s idea.


The Moleskin:

Excellent effort by everybody. Lots of good chatter. The hour went by pretty fast. My legs and butt hurt so bad it’s hard to do simple things like, get up and down, or sit. Pretty sure the others are feeling it too. A legs workout for the Ascent ages.

It was nice to meet Cooter, Phillip Suggs. He is apparently 1 of 3 F3 Cooters in the area. He brought great energy and is very eager to Q Ascent. He said he has been working on a weinke for months and he has been ready to show the Ascent world that he is truly legit. Word has it, Gullah won’t be able to Q his regularly scheduled Ascent Q on Saturday and Cooter is getting the nod. Going to be epic. If you are in town and get the chance… Go support him. He’s got a great attitude.

I appreciate Dumpster “Council” Fire and Costanza for being there.  Two guys I am grateful to know through F3… Two guys I have seen physically become beasts through F3… Two guys that never have to twist my arm to meet them at a workout. You guys are awesome!!

Council Fire… Thank you for taking us out. Well done!


Richard Sheltra 5k/10k and Fun Run  – Saturday, April 28.

Cooter is on Q next week at Ascent


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