Bringing some Competitive fire

Bringing some Competitive fire

20 PAX graciously survived a morning Calorie Burn. From the moaning and complaining, the burn was definitely felt by most in the gloom to rid their bodies of the Easter Candy consumed over the weekend.  There was no Egg Hunting this morning, but just an attempt of a good ole fashion beat down.

Warm-up – Disclaimer and Introduction.

  • 20 SSH
  • 20 Potato Pickers
  • 20 Imperial Walkers
  • 20 Merkins

The Thang – And off we go:

  • Off to the Light poles – 10 Carolina Dry Docks + 10 Mountain Climbers each stop
  • Hit the Wall at Transporter’s office for something new – 10 Wall Plank Jacks + 10 Mike Tysons × 3 (apologies as these were harder than I thought)
  • Mosey to Circle – 1/2 Speed to the bottom, then Sprint to the top, w 5/ T Merkins at the top in honor of Fuse  x  5
  • To the Amphitheater Benches – 20 dips to 20 Step Ups x 3
  • Mosey to the Rocks – 10 Dead Lifts, to Over Head Carries, to 10 Squats, to Lunges Back x 2
  • Catch the Hill on the way back – 15 Merkins at the bottom and 3 Burpees at the top and back to home base

Wrap up and Prayer:

 Thank you Old Macdonald for taking us out


Good to see everyone working hard this morning.  There were a few back out to enjoy the nice weather finally including Shampoodle, Rockwell, Loafer and Chipotle.  Glad you guys could make it work this morning.

Shout out to BottleCap, Hollywood, Ice9, GoodFella and Legalzoom for going all out in the sprints, the competitiveness is contagious.  Middle group including Damascus and Foundation were even neck and neck pushing it to the max.

Lastly, Bolt is the man.  2.0 was owning the majority of us sad men this morning.   Ice9, you are raising an amazing little chap.   Thank you for bringing him along and making us all feel a little insignificant with his work ethic and ridiculous speed.


  • Sunday Bible Study resumes at Five Stones 7 a.m. next Sunday
  • Sanctuary is off this evening and re-adjourning (legal word for Ice9) next week

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