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Small “Token” of my Appreciation

Awesome group at The Fishing Hole today.  I brought a little something that looked like 50#’s of coke, but fortunately for these old hearts, only sand poured out.

Here’s what we did.


Circle up in parking lot (what no warm up? Um Frehley’s this is the warm up)


  • SSH x 15
  • Imperial walker x 15
  • LSS x 15
  • Amer hammer x 15
  • Mountain Climber x 15

Line up single file

  • Indian run to front of school
  • Guy in back carrys sandbag, passes to guy in front of him and sprints to front of line

People’s chair shoulder to shoulder

  • Pass sandbag down and back
  • Pass sandbag down and back with 2 shoulder raises each

Mosey across 51 past McD’s with sandbag

  • Line up at first row of parking spaces
  • Bear crawl to next row, lunge walk to 2nd, bear crawl to 3rd, lunge to 4th row
  • Plank
  • Line up facing start – AYG back to first row parking
  • Repeat This didn’t happen – too much growning

Line up facing lot, shoulder to shoulder plank

  • First in line, flip around facing row of guys
  • Hand slap merkin with each guy all the way to end
  • Repeat until everyone has gone

Mosey around to giant hill…name?

Triple Nickel Only managed three of these…

  • 5 merkins, up hill
  • 5 squats, down hill
  • X3

Indian run back left of HS to stairs / ramp entrance of school

  • Guy in back carry’s sandbag, passes to guy in front of him and sprints to front of line

Line up in plank

  • First guy runs up the stairs and around circle with sandbag
  • Rest do called exercise (merkins, elbow, 6 inches, diamond, elbow, 6 in, merkins, elbow, 6 in)
  • Repeat until everyone runs w sand bag

At benches – jump ups x10, derkins x10, dips x20

Leave the sandbag and mosey to parking deck stairs

  • Run up the stairs, at each floor do called exercise (merkins x5, squats x5, merkins x5)
  • Plank for 6
  • Mosey to next set of stairs
  • Stop for people’s chair excercises (rt leg raise, lt leg raise, presses)
  • Back down stopping at each floor (merkins x5, squats x5, merkins x5, squats x5)
  • More people’s chair at bottom

Tater tot couldn’t stand being away from the sand bag so long so he lead mosey back to benches

At benches – jump ups x10, derkins x10, dips x20

Back to start (Tater Tot carried “his” new sand bag)

Circle up (wide) in plank – one person runs with the bag around the circle and back to his spot. Everyone else does various mary called by guys next to you.  Repeat until all go.


Fishing Mole:

The guys were mixed emotions when I brought over the sand bag. Mostly groans and tears.  We started out a little rough. There seems to be a nationwide misunderstanding of the Indian run…and throw in a sand bag. Forget about it going well. The front of the line went the opposite direction that I wanted. We regrouped and were off.

EVERYONE got after it this morning. We crushed the Indian run on the third try LOL. That big hill is a beast, but she was crushed too.  Hope everyone has a great Easter.

Thanks for the take out Tater Tot!

Fredo –

Keep Frehley’s dad Chip in your prayers.

Catalina Wine Mixer

7 eager Pax  showed up in the balmy temps looking to take a shot at hosting the annual Catalina Wine Mixer

Warm up – Mosey to the oak tree in front of DreamChasers

30 SSH, 15 IW, 15 Cherry Pickers and introduced the Catalina Wine Mixer (Plank to elbow and up with push up) = 10

Circled up around the Tree  – Rd1 10 reps – Derkin, Hurley, Dip/Rd2 15 Reps – Derkin, Hurley, Dips/Rd3 20 reps – Derkin, Hurley, Dips

Mosey to wall by the church for the circuit: Wall/Laundromat/KeithJongHill

  • At Wall – 32 Donkey/16 Wall slap Merkins/8 Hurleys
  • At Laundromat – 8’s – suicides for 1 minute
  • At KeithJongHill – jog to light pole then back to Wall

We did a total of 4 circuits

Mary for 2 minutes- short mosey to parking lot

Not a lot of mumble chatter this morning as all the Pax were working their tales off. GatorCub was working hard and was sporting some new equipment via the Flextape on his achilles. Doughboy was moving mountains, FuseBox could have used his towel friend he was grinding hard, maddog – silent but deadly conquering the hill, Button was impressive and says he is down 6lbs and Damascus loves the hill workout – crushed it – he’s not backing down.

Felt good to be out in almost perfect conditions.  I appreciate the chance to lead this group of great guys.  Hats off to Bottlecap and MoneyBall for selecting the #Floater location – has a great feel and smell (bacon – are you kidding me Provisions……)

COT – Damascus took us out.  Sandbox will have Signup Genius

Call to Action:

  • It’s getting warmer out so we should be able to do some EHing on any folks who are not polar bears – round them up
  • I’d like to suggest a service project/or affiliation with the church by the #floater (either Waxhaw United Methodist or Amazing Grace Lutheran)for our Cuthbertson/Waxhax cluster. Maybe Akbar can offer up some guidance.  I’m thinking we start passing the jar every Monday or Friday – give what you want/can ($5 a week ?) and use this to fund our work with the church.   We all can still do the SandBox.  This would be a local effort that we make a continued commitment to.  Thoughts?


I <3 JBR

Normally, I set all my workout clothes in the bathroom each evening. Last night, I mixed up my dress shirt with my workout shirt, so I just wore the t-shirt I wore to bed. It’s has a large I <3 JBR logo. JBR is an abbreviation for Jingle Bell Run. (Jingle Bell Run is the Arthritis Foundation’s signature 5k.) Today, Shrinkwrap theorized, it stood for I <3 Jelly Back Rubs. I weep for you Shrink Wrap.


Side straddle hops x 15 IC
Americans push-ups x 5 IC
Mountain Climbers x 10 IC
Peter Parkers x 10 IC
American push-ups x 4 IC
Parker Peters x 10 IC
American push-ups x 3 IC
Imperial Walkers x 10 IC

Uwharrie Bank Jr. Deck
Bottom of deck – donkey kicks x 10
Top of deck – hip slappers x 10
Repeat for 5 rounds

Sick Bears @ Piper Glen Animal Hospital
11s/Jacob’s Ladder
1 Heels-to-Heaven, bear crawl across the parking lot, 10 ‘Merican push-ups and run back to start
2 Heels-to-Heaven, bear crawl across the parking lot, 9 ‘Merican push-ups and run back to start
Repeat until 10 Heel-to-Heaven and 1 ‘Merican push-up

Moment for Mary
10 Sky humpers, 10 Chippy cross
9 Sky humpers, 9 Chippy cross
8 Sky humpers, 8 Chippy cross
7 Sky humpers, 7 Chippy cross
6 Sky humpers, 6 Chippy cross
5 Sky humpers, 5 Chippy cross

Partner 1, 3 burpees
Partner 2 takes off
P1 tags P2
P2 does 3 burpees
Repeat until you return to home base

Finish Strong – Hill Repeats
Run Cinema Hill until time runs out, the last one together.

Things I wanted to accomplish today:
Provide a challenging workout without high mileage. Check!
Travel to less used territory. Check!
Point out Shrinkwraps warped brain. Check!

Props to Morning After, Teddy & Tagalong for the extra efforts this morning. Strong morning fellas!
Great to see my boxing bestie Chipotle, let’s get those mittens on soon!  #FightClub!
Shrinkwrap, Brisket, Blackbeard and Uncle Rico all pushed through, especially the bear crawls and hill repeats.
Mary Kay & Billy Goat are thriving as site Qs. Always a pleasure to lead.

Tclaps to Morning After for earning a recognition as a member of the 40 under 40 Charlotte. He’s proof that you don’t need to be brash and boastful to be a strong leader.

Couples workout

In honor of YHC’s first Post-Baby Q, the PAX did a little partner work.

Started with the regulars:

  • Warm up lap
  • SSH
  • IWalker
  • SSH
  • Merkins on KB
  • IWalker


Partner catch me if you can out to the Gazebo… Once at the Gazebo get with a partner:

  • 10 step-ups
  • 9 flutter-presses
  • 8 SUPs
  • 7 FPs
  • 6 SUPs
  • 5 FPs
  • 4
  • 3
  • 2
  • 1…

Partner catch me if you can out to the front of the church… Once at the Church get with a partner:

  • 1 partner runs 50 yds…
    • Other partner does curls
  • other partner runs 100 yds
    • curls
  • Partner 1 150 yds
    • curls

Partner catch me if you can around the church to the stairs… once at the stairs get with a partner:

  • partner 1 does deadlifts
    • partner 2 runs the stairs
  • partner 2 does deadlifts
    • partner 1 runs the stairs

Repeat till each partner runs stairs 5 times.


5 minutes of mary


Repeat stairs but hold blank instead of deadlifts.


Mosey back…


Great workout … love getting out to skunk work and some good ole’ farmer carry always leaves my forearms screaming. Circled up at the end and got some great advice on parenting, although the majority revolved around the “recovery period” I’ll leave it there.

**newsflash, no regerts M is getting ready to open a bake shop called made well on Monroe Rd.

PreBlast – 3x(5+5+3)

No, this isn’t one of those Math Riddles on Facebook to get you to remember the Order of Operations (Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally) and solve the math problem above, it’s the PreBlast for Pursuit.

Recall Tuck’s PreBlast schedule for a Lower Lactacte Threshold (and burning more calories than Floater workout):

PreBlast: In Pursuit of a Lower Lactate Threshold

Tomorrow is Thursday, March 29th, so we have a schedule for:

  • 0515 – depart the Millbridge clubhouse and run the loop for the day (Nesbit Park backward!!!).  This means heading out of the Millbridge parking lot, turn RIGHT on Millbridge Parkway, cross the covered bridge, turn Right on Bridgewick Rd, turn Right on Nesbit Park Rd, through the culdesac onto the gravel road back to Millbridge Parkway, turn Right on Millbridge Parkway back to the Clubhouse.  After running the loop at least once, gather for instructions.
  • 0525 – Lactate Threshold Pace ( )  for 10minutes (will be done as Out 5 minutes, Back 5 minutes) and 3 minute Rest / jog.
  • Repeat for 3 rounds total.
  • 0615 – COT


  • If you run a consistent pace, you’ll end up the interval at the same place you started the interval (because we turn around half way).  Even if you run a 4:00/mi pace, you’ll end up at the same spot at a 10:00.mi pace runner.  No one gets left behind!
  • If you have a watch that can create simple Interval programs, set it for 10 minute work, 3 minute rest.  Repeat 3 times.
  • OR—
  • If you have a watch that can create custom workouts, set it for 5 minutes, 5 minutes, 3 minutes.  Repeat 3 times.


“Pick your partner to the right” at The Maul

After warmups, YHC asked everyone in a circle to partner up with the person to your right. Think about that for a minute…I obviously didn’t. Anyway, after a stumble at the start, we did manage to partner up for most of the workout and ran just over 2.3 miles mostly at the Murderhorn and the top parking lot with the shed cover and pull-up bars.

Warmup: Mosey from launch around the parking lot in front of movie theatre and back to the side lot in front of the grass hill.  5 burpees + SSH x 15, 4 burpees + Hillbillies x 15; 3 burpees + Squats x 15 + 2 burpees + Mountain Climbers x 15, then 1 burpee.

The Thang:

Station 1:  Partnered at bottom of grass Hill. Parter 1 stays in plank while partner 2 runs the grass hill with 5 jump squats and returns to bottom of hill for 10 hand slap merkins. Partners flap jack. Repeat 3 times for each partner. Mosey to Murderhorn.

Station 2: Mosey to the first right near top of Murderhorn to run the loop. Partners run opposite directions and meet in the middle for 10 hand slap merkins. Return to top. Mosey down Murderhorn and up to parking lot on left.

Station 3: Partners split and flap jack between the picnic tables for 2 exercises and the pull-up bars. 3 sets of incline merkins (15 reps) + dips (15 reps) and then cross over between sets to pullups (10 reps). Between each of the 3 sets, partners meet in the middle for 20 LBC (6 sets total). Mosey to rock pile.

Station 4: At rock pile, gathered lifting rocks for 4 sets of 15 reps each. 1-Squat/curl/press, 2-Good-mornings, 3-tricep press, 4-bicep curl. Mosey to bottom of Murderhorn.

Station 5: Run up Murderhorn stopping at each light post on right (3 total) for Merkins x 10 – wide-arm, diamonds, regular. Mosey back to movie theatre wall.

Station 6: On the wall preacher sit for 30 seconds, balls to wall for 30 seconds, then scale down into a plank for 10 slow 3-count merkins. finshed with some Mary on the curb – 15 knee-ups, 15-H to H, and Protractor for 1 minute.


Fear the Board!

Growing up there were two boards in my life that I feared:  my parents’ board and my grandmother’s board.  Unfortunately, both of these were used frequently upon my backside.  This form of discipline gave me a healthy respect for right and wrong and my parents and grandmother.  The board was definitely not “spared.”  The board has had a similar effect on the PAX, I am finding.  It is both feared and respected.  It has caused some to curse, but for most… it has been received as healthy discipline.  What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger – right?

The thang…

A weak disclaimer was given and we were off for a mosey around to the front entrance of South Charlotte Middle School where we found “the board.”

No time for the usual… so we headed straight to the menu of pain.

Instructions:  Do #1 and run a lap.  Upon return, do #1 and #2 and run a lap and so on and so forth all the way through #12 and then run a lap…

  1. Hand release burpees (5)
  2. Lunges (10 each leg)
  3. Diamond Merkins (10)
  4. Heals to heaven (10)
  5. Dips (20)
  6. Step ups (10 each leg)
  7. Derkins (20)
  8. Mountain Climbers (8)
  9. Carolina Dry Docks (9)
  10. LBCs (20)
  11. Atomic Merkins (11)
  12. Burpees (12)

We made it all the way through.  We started over and made it back up to 5 before moseying back to the COT.


I think it was safe to say we were all spanked by the board!  Header, Busch and Puddin did a great job getting to know Nair and making him feel at home.  Dollywood was working off some inner tension and was setting the bar high.  Some great laughter today from the all-star cast.  I must say that Dolly is catching the brunt of the post baby “no fly zone” comments.  Busch’s “chunky” comment almost made me hurl.

On the high road, awesome to hear some of Nair’s story.  He’s a sharp cyber security guy who went to Montreat and he and the M have one on the way.

Thanks to Busch for the challenging take out!

I guess leg lifts aren’t manly?

[Disclaimer: My phone erased (or never recorded) the Name-o-rama. Please don’t take offense if I left your name off]

On a beautiful spring morning, 11 pax gathered to celebrate Duke’s ouster from the NCAA tournament (or maybe that was just me). The festivities included running interrupted by occasional non-running activities.

Today’s Q also taught me an important lesson… apparently, leg lifts are not a hit. While assembling my Weinke, I threw some leg lifts (Jane Fondas) in there. Not the most common F3 workout, but seemed like a good way to work the glutes. However, from the reaction I got you’d think I proposed that we buy a case of Zima and have a Gilmore Girls marathon. There was general discontent and one person asked if we were going to have women join the workouts. Apparently, Jane Fonda and her headband have tarnished a perfectly normal leg workout. Duly noted…

In future Q’s, I will strive for manlier exercises. Alligator wrestling and chainsaw fights are not off the table. Neither is Cartman-style Roshambo.

Anyways, the thang…

Lap around the building, followed by

  • Side straddle hop x25
  • Imperial walker x20
  • Windmill x15
  • Mountain climber x20

Mosey across street to gov’t building.

  • Find a partner
  • Run in opposite directions around parking circle
  • Stop and do 10 handslap Merkins whenever you pass each other
  • Repeat 3x

Mosey to wall

  • Box jumps x5
  • Burpees x5
  • Do this twice

Mosey back to picnic shelter. Stay with your partner

  • 1 partner does lap around parking lot. Other partner rotates through the following:
    • 10 LBC’s
    • 10 dips
    • 10 step ups

 Mosey to wall

Balls to the Wall

  • Hold it for 10 count

Find spot on wall and do People’s Chair

  •  Arm presses x75 (civilian count)
  •  Arm presses x100

Mosey to soccer field

  • Suicides (no pushups – just plain ol’ gym class suicides)

 Mosey to parking lot

Plank position / plank walk between parking lot lines

On your 6

  • American Hammer x25
  • Dolly x25
  • Jane Fondas 10x (on each side)
  • Freddy Mercury x25
  • Protractor
  • End with stretching

Thanks for a great workout today, gents!

Mountain Goats BB_03.23.18

With our lead goat Slim Fast indisposed, a call was made to the Q bullpen to ride herd on our beloved goats on this not-quite spring morning.  The bullpen must have been pretty sparse as YHC got the call.  Slim Fast claims to have been running on a 4-man team in the Palmetto Relay.  That would mean each team member would run in the vicinity of 50 miles (or nearly 2 marathons) in about 32 or so hours.  Obviously that’s crazy; no one would voluntarily do that.  Maybe if a Russian infantry division was chasing them… or IRS agents.  But nobody would do that ‘for fun’.  Would they?   Do you know Slim Fast?

Proper disclaimer given, at 0515 the herd set off on a warm up run down Wood Fox to the Stop sign at Rounding Run and back. Regathering on Strawberry the normal dynamic stretching regimen was executed:  walking on toes straight, in and out, walking on heels straight, in and out, honey-bee skips, high knees and butt kickers.


Gathering on the speed bump at the base of Mount Strawberry the devilishly simple Weinke was revealed:  30-30-30-1’s.  I think the proper cycle is 30-30-1’s but with our leader jogging lazily on flat/mild downhill legs, we were going to go all-out with uphill intervals.  Thirty seconds up Mount Strawberry at I-pace, recover down to the start line.  When everyone was back, immediately do another 30 seconds uphill at I-pace and recover back down.  I presume you know where this is going at this point.  One more cycle of 30 seconds and then the glorious 1 minute interval uphill at I-pace and recover back down.  That constitutes one complete cycle.  Two more complete cycles were finished.  A nice cool down run down and back up Strawberry followed by stretching back at SMMS.  Done.


Great effort by everyone today; especially Chin Music who appeared to be the pacesetter throughout.  Great to see Daisy and Jello out hoofing around with us.  The core MG were out in force: The Mouth teamed up with Sensei, the Bobbsey Twins Lois and Tweetsie;  Retread, Pele and Gullah were strong as ever.  And Costanza has now run MG enough times that he is auto-commit to the BRR this fall.  Congrats Costanza!

The goal with these intervals is push hard and then get back to about the same spot on each iteration.  It gets continually more difficult after each successive iteration.  The PAX engaged in some #mumblechatter because Q had all the running uphill and recovering downhill whereas Slim Fast usually reverses it towards the end.  Other #mumblechatter was heard about ‘only’ having a couple of 10-counts.  Whatever; no slacking off just because we have a substitute today.  Embrace the Suck.  Q’s Garmin logged 4.2 mile with no pre-run.

I appreciate the opportunity to lead these awesome men.  They never fail to encourage me and make me laugh no matter how miserable/tough the conditions or the running.

To the Victor

16 PAX showed up at Flash to cheer on the victory of Michigan over Florida State.  At Commitment, Bottle Cap found joy in the fact that Kentucky made a quick exit on an easy path to the final four.  However, the celebration was short as Michigan grasped the win from Florida St.  In honor of ” The Victor”, we all showed up for a great workout.  Given the Clydesdale leadership and my recent trip to Taiwan and Korea, there was a little less Flash and a little more Wolverine crawl.

Quote of the Day from Fusebox: “What Doughboy thinks he looks like during Bear Crawls”

What we really look like doing Bear Crawls

Down to Business:


  • Mosey  two laps around the side parking lot and back into the alcove
  • SSH x 20
  • Imperial Walker X 20
  • Plank Jacks X 20
  • Mountain Climbers X 20

The Thang

  • Partner up
  • Cycle of through 112 (Total Score of M vs F St) Dips, Derkins, and Bobby Hurley
  • Partner run to the parking lot while one person does the workout
  • Mosey to the cover on the other side of the school
  • Wolverine Crawl the straight portion and run by around X 3
  • Mosey to the stairs
  • 10 calf raises per step and run around to the beginning X 2
  • Mosey to the Rock Pile and Pick a lifting rock
    • Shoulder press to burn out
  • Light Post Fun on the Trail
    • Alternate 40 squats or 20 Merkins at each light post
  • Mosey to the back of the side of the school for the COT


I have never heard Goodfella complain about so many squats.  I am glad the I found a workout that pushes him to the limit.  Most suffered from the calf raises which continue to plague me today.  I was saddened by the lack of Bottle Cap to share my Michigan shirt with along with why I root for Michigan.  Longhorn was curious:  My parents were devout Ohio State fans and as a kid, I would root for Michigan for fun.


  • Sanctuary Mondays at 7:30 at Brooklyn Pizza in Wesley Chapel
  • Need a Q for Committment
  • AMRAP on Friday
  • We are going to put out an APB for Transporter and Doc McStuffins