I <3 JBR

I <3 JBR

Normally, I set all my workout clothes in the bathroom each evening. Last night, I mixed up my dress shirt with my workout shirt, so I just wore the t-shirt I wore to bed. It’s has a large I <3 JBR logo. JBR is an abbreviation for Jingle Bell Run. (Jingle Bell Run is the Arthritis Foundation’s signature 5k.) Today, Shrinkwrap theorized, it stood for I <3 Jelly Back Rubs. I weep for you Shrink Wrap.


Side straddle hops x 15 IC
Americans push-ups x 5 IC
Mountain Climbers x 10 IC
Peter Parkers x 10 IC
American push-ups x 4 IC
Parker Peters x 10 IC
American push-ups x 3 IC
Imperial Walkers x 10 IC

Uwharrie Bank Jr. Deck
Bottom of deck – donkey kicks x 10
Top of deck – hip slappers x 10
Repeat for 5 rounds

Sick Bears @ Piper Glen Animal Hospital
11s/Jacob’s Ladder
1 Heels-to-Heaven, bear crawl across the parking lot, 10 ‘Merican push-ups and run back to start
2 Heels-to-Heaven, bear crawl across the parking lot, 9 ‘Merican push-ups and run back to start
Repeat until 10 Heel-to-Heaven and 1 ‘Merican push-up

Moment for Mary
10 Sky humpers, 10 Chippy cross
9 Sky humpers, 9 Chippy cross
8 Sky humpers, 8 Chippy cross
7 Sky humpers, 7 Chippy cross
6 Sky humpers, 6 Chippy cross
5 Sky humpers, 5 Chippy cross

Partner 1, 3 burpees
Partner 2 takes off
P1 tags P2
P2 does 3 burpees
Repeat until you return to home base

Finish Strong – Hill Repeats
Run Cinema Hill until time runs out, the last one together.

Things I wanted to accomplish today:
Provide a challenging workout without high mileage. Check!
Travel to less used territory. Check!
Point out Shrinkwraps warped brain. Check!

Props to Morning After, Teddy & Tagalong for the extra efforts this morning. Strong morning fellas!
Great to see my boxing bestie Chipotle, let’s get those mittens on soon!  #FightClub!
Shrinkwrap, Brisket, Blackbeard and Uncle Rico all pushed through, especially the bear crawls and hill repeats.
Mary Kay & Billy Goat are thriving as site Qs. Always a pleasure to lead.

Tclaps to Morning After for earning a recognition as a member of the 40 under 40 Charlotte. He’s proof that you don’t need to be brash and boastful to be a strong leader.

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