Couples workout

Couples workout

In honor of YHC’s first Post-Baby Q, the PAX did a little partner work.

Started with the regulars:

  • Warm up lap
  • SSH
  • IWalker
  • SSH
  • Merkins on KB
  • IWalker


Partner catch me if you can out to the Gazebo… Once at the Gazebo get with a partner:

  • 10 step-ups
  • 9 flutter-presses
  • 8 SUPs
  • 7 FPs
  • 6 SUPs
  • 5 FPs
  • 4
  • 3
  • 2
  • 1…

Partner catch me if you can out to the front of the church… Once at the Church get with a partner:

  • 1 partner runs 50 yds…
    • Other partner does curls
  • other partner runs 100 yds
    • curls
  • Partner 1 150 yds
    • curls

Partner catch me if you can around the church to the stairs… once at the stairs get with a partner:

  • partner 1 does deadlifts
    • partner 2 runs the stairs
  • partner 2 does deadlifts
    • partner 1 runs the stairs

Repeat till each partner runs stairs 5 times.


5 minutes of mary


Repeat stairs but hold blank instead of deadlifts.


Mosey back…


Great workout … love getting out to skunk work and some good ole’ farmer carry always leaves my forearms screaming. Circled up at the end and got some great advice on parenting, although the majority revolved around the “recovery period” I’ll leave it there.

**newsflash, no regerts M is getting ready to open a bake shop called made well on Monroe Rd.

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