“Pick your partner to the right” at The Maul

“Pick your partner to the right” at The Maul

After warmups, YHC asked everyone in a circle to partner up with the person to your right. Think about that for a minute…I obviously didn’t. Anyway, after a stumble at the start, we did manage to partner up for most of the workout and ran just over 2.3 miles mostly at the Murderhorn and the top parking lot with the shed cover and pull-up bars.

Warmup: Mosey from launch around the parking lot in front of movie theatre and back to the side lot in front of the grass hill.  5 burpees + SSH x 15, 4 burpees + Hillbillies x 15; 3 burpees + Squats x 15 + 2 burpees + Mountain Climbers x 15, then 1 burpee.

The Thang:

Station 1:  Partnered at bottom of grass Hill. Parter 1 stays in plank while partner 2 runs the grass hill with 5 jump squats and returns to bottom of hill for 10 hand slap merkins. Partners flap jack. Repeat 3 times for each partner. Mosey to Murderhorn.

Station 2: Mosey to the first right near top of Murderhorn to run the loop. Partners run opposite directions and meet in the middle for 10 hand slap merkins. Return to top. Mosey down Murderhorn and up to parking lot on left.

Station 3: Partners split and flap jack between the picnic tables for 2 exercises and the pull-up bars. 3 sets of incline merkins (15 reps) + dips (15 reps) and then cross over between sets to pullups (10 reps). Between each of the 3 sets, partners meet in the middle for 20 LBC (6 sets total). Mosey to rock pile.

Station 4: At rock pile, gathered lifting rocks for 4 sets of 15 reps each. 1-Squat/curl/press, 2-Good-mornings, 3-tricep press, 4-bicep curl. Mosey to bottom of Murderhorn.

Station 5: Run up Murderhorn stopping at each light post on right (3 total) for Merkins x 10 – wide-arm, diamonds, regular. Mosey back to movie theatre wall.

Station 6: On the wall preacher sit for 30 seconds, balls to wall for 30 seconds, then scale down into a plank for 10 slow 3-count merkins. finshed with some Mary on the curb – 15 knee-ups, 15-H to H, and Protractor for 1 minute.


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