Fear the Board!

Fear the Board!

Growing up there were two boards in my life that I feared:  my parents’ board and my grandmother’s board.  Unfortunately, both of these were used frequently upon my backside.  This form of discipline gave me a healthy respect for right and wrong and my parents and grandmother.  The board was definitely not “spared.”  The board has had a similar effect on the PAX, I am finding.  It is both feared and respected.  It has caused some to curse, but for most… it has been received as healthy discipline.  What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger – right?

The thang…

A weak disclaimer was given and we were off for a mosey around to the front entrance of South Charlotte Middle School where we found “the board.”

No time for the usual… so we headed straight to the menu of pain.

Instructions:  Do #1 and run a lap.  Upon return, do #1 and #2 and run a lap and so on and so forth all the way through #12 and then run a lap…

  1. Hand release burpees (5)
  2. Lunges (10 each leg)
  3. Diamond Merkins (10)
  4. Heals to heaven (10)
  5. Dips (20)
  6. Step ups (10 each leg)
  7. Derkins (20)
  8. Mountain Climbers (8)
  9. Carolina Dry Docks (9)
  10. LBCs (20)
  11. Atomic Merkins (11)
  12. Burpees (12)

We made it all the way through.  We started over and made it back up to 5 before moseying back to the COT.


I think it was safe to say we were all spanked by the board!  Header, Busch and Puddin did a great job getting to know Nair and making him feel at home.  Dollywood was working off some inner tension and was setting the bar high.  Some great laughter today from the all-star cast.  I must say that Dolly is catching the brunt of the post baby “no fly zone” comments.  Busch’s “chunky” comment almost made me hurl.

On the high road, awesome to hear some of Nair’s story.  He’s a sharp cyber security guy who went to Montreat and he and the M have one on the way.

Thanks to Busch for the challenging take out!

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