Zero Point Zero

Zero Point Zero

4 PAX today for the kettlebell madness that is Foxhole. Really?!?!?… 4?!?!?  I announce no running the night before and that’s it!  Alright, fine.  Here it is:

The Thang: take bells up to the school and warm up. 10 windmills, 15 IW, 15 plank jacks 10 merkins all IC.

Mosey to the playground. Superset pull-ups by doing one set of max pull-ups, then same # of reps “jump pull-ups.” 3 sets.  In between each set: 15 one-arm swings each arm.

Mosey back to the school. Super set merkins by doing your one set max of KB merkins (two hands on bell) then trying to get same number of rep regular merkins.  3 sets.   In between each set: 10 high pulls each arm.

Pair up. 2 PAX super set one-arm rows with 10 reps at heavy bell, 10 reps of 10 lbs lighter bell.  Other 2 PAX do heels to heaven and LBCs in Jack Webb cadence.  Flapjack. 3 sets each.  In between each set: 10 snatches each arm.

Finish up with combos of curls/burpee-swings (these are hard), curls 2 hand swings (little better), and tricep extensions/dips (these are easy). Various Mary in between.

Announcements: No time.  YHC had to bolt.

Thanks Wild Turkey for the takeout. Thanks to each man for great effort and 2nd F.

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