This will get easier during football season

This will get easier during football season

15 PAX posted at the new Hawk’s Nest workout.  The AO, is huge, well lit, and filled with a maze of outdoor, covered walkways.   Only having worked out there once, I think some thought I knew where I was going and maybe one thought I knew what I was doing.  Thanks for the confidence in me.

Hops handled all the official paperwork disclaimers for Latin.  I handled the personal disclaimer for myself (Here’s a tip:  I suggest you don’t, but if you are going to sue someone, Latin has WAY more money than me)

Off we go:

Mosey through the catacombs and out to the front parking lot for some COP:

SSH, Low Slow Squats, Merkins, Mountain Climbers, & Imperial Walkers.  All the standards.

Head on over to and across the football field. Turns out the field is lined for every sport EXCEPT football.  I’m fairly certain there were different color lines for Soccer, Lacrosse, Field Hockey, Cricket, Rugby, Skeet Shooting, and Curling, but nothing for American Football.

So start at one end of the field and run across, 10 merkins at every blue line (and maybe red lines) anything that was not white.  Not sure how many lines that was.  Maybe 8 or 10.  Backwards run back 100 yards to the start.

Repeat with 10 Jump Squats.

Repeat with 10 Heels to Heaven.

Head out the backdoor of the track to the bridge.

Peoples Chair on the bridge with 50 Arm Raises IC.  Seemed excessive, but what the heck.

Then mosey up the stairs to the pool.  Pretty sure Mermaid wishes the pool was open to us so he could bring back his swimming glory days and smoke us all in a few laps.

Line up in plank position.  First guy runs to first pull-up bar for 5 pull-ups, 2nd bar for 10 toes to bar, 3rd bar for 5 more pull-ups.  When he clears the first bar the 2nd guy goes.  When finished all 3 bars return to the plank line.  Keep planking until all done.  We broke it up with some varied plank moves and finished with some LBC’s and Flutters.  Leave the pool deck and head over past baseball fields and up to the supersized, extra large, with excessively smooth pavement Hotbox.

The Triple Triple D (Trademarked):  15 Dips, 15 Derkins, 15 Donkey Kicks, 3 times through.

T-Claps to Hops for his Donkey Kicks.  Apparently his Donkey likes to kick high up in the forehead instead of in the shins like the rest of us.

Mosey back to front of school and partner up.

P1 runs up the hill to the school and back.  P2 does planks with hip slappers.  Flapjack until 200 hip slappers (2 rounds each)

Mosey back to launch.



Solid group out there today.  Doc McStuffins was killing it all morning and teamed up with Hollywood at the end to kill the hip-slappers. Not asking questions about why they were so good at that.  There were some new-ish guys out there too that I don’t know to well.  Hopefully I get the chance to post with you again soon when I am not Q’ing.  Often hard to Q and engage in the mumble chatter at the same time.  Harder when you have some general ideas on the weinke but not sure how they are going to play out when you really don’t know the AO.

Also, Header is unusually fast at backwards running which I find kind of weird.  Thought we were going to need to get him a warning track before he back-peddled off the field and into the fence.

Thanks to Hops and Doc for getting me on the Q list.  I think you will find me normally coming in at 6:15 with the FT crew, but will still see you all out there.

Also thanks to Hops for the takeout and the reminder to pray for Bout’ Time’s family and son Jennings as he heads for the bone marrow transplant.



Geraldo says get a backpack and do the brew ruck in Fort Mill the Saturday, you know, when lots are out of town for spring break or otherwise busy with family for Easter.  Also, head to NoDa Brewing for the CLT Marathon Ruck kickoff, as if any of you are going to sign up for an event that doesn’t happen for 7 months.



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HopsPosted on7:04 pm - Mar 27, 2018

I think in broad daylight, the lines on the field give the look of a lined piece of notebook paper…mercy! As for some of the “newish” guys – one of those named HIPAA (aka Hippo in the pax list) has been posting like a mad man since his FNG post a couple weeks ago. T-claps. Schmedium keeps posting at HN as well – hope you’ll come even when Header’s not driving! You guys should run in, anyway! Did extra credit on the donkey kick’s as I modified greatly on the derkins #soccerarms Knew I was in for another painful Alf Q when I couldn’t go the 50 reps on the People’s Chair without modification. I still hate the smell of chlorine after all these years…though my swimming instructor/lifeguard Jill Lockmiller made Wendy Peffercorn look like an Omega Moo.

MermaidPosted on12:58 pm - Mar 28, 2018

Alf always brings it. Strong 112th Q, as expected. Great to see newer guys getting after it. Been fun getting acquainted with this vast campus and looking forward to my 4/10 Q

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