Orange you glad you came?

Orange you glad you came?

I had 13 pavers left in my Suburban from a Q I did recently and decided to throw in 3 extra concrete blocks as a backup because the Matrix can get strangely crowded depending on the Monday. Got to the AO a few minutes early to set things up and prayed that I had at least 16 guys (so they could help bring all the pavers back to the car) and no more than that, because I didn’t have anything else for people to lift (save a 45lb kettlebell and a car seat).


Thankfully 16 came out this morning – a really good mix of guys from all over the place.


My weinke was long and distinguished so we had to move fast and a short warmup was in order…



The Thang


Run a bit, circle up, warmup in lower lot


At Lower Lot 

At one end behind the median do 10 merkins, reverse run to other median, 9 burpees, regular run to 1st median, 8 merkins, etc. down to 1


Mosey to playground and partner up

P1 – 10 pullups

P2 – runs to wall

P1 – runs to wall

P2  – 9 pull ups

….do this until you get to 1


3 rounds of legs with merkins

Round 1 – P1 – 20 jump shuffles (?) over bench, P2 20 merkins – flapjack and run around the median

Round 2 – P1 – Knee tuck jumps over bench, P2 – 20 merkins – flapjack and run the median

Round 3 – P1 – Sister Mary Catherine’s, P2 – 20 merkins – flapjack and run the median


Wall – grab a paver or concrete block


50 shoulder presses and run the track – x 3


Wall sit and shoulder raises in cadence


Get your partner and paver 

Double paver chest presses – 300 cumulative (Partner runs to last lightpost and back – flapjack)

Stack pavers – 40 burpee jump overs (Partner runs to last lightpost and back – flapjack)


Grab you paver and line them up at the first lightpost – 2 round suicide

  • sprint to second lightpost and back
  • grab your paver and run to 3rd lightpost and back


Waiter carry your pavers back – put them in the truck and then some mary.






That was a killer PAX this morning. Love seeing the variety of loud mouths, fast dudes, weird dudes, an FNG and one tranny (you know who you are). Hey, I’m not here to judge. Joke.


The big news of the day was that there was a new fence around the track – really people kept talking about it – like 5 times. It really threw Pop Tart off. He gets pissed when his AO gets screwed with. When they removed the logs he called it “the worst day of his life”. For many of you that day will be when they tell you that Bitcoin isn’t worth, well, anything.


Our FNG Akita Shavers (now known as Nair) from Okinawa came out and killed it. I was thoroughly impressed by how hard he pushed all morning with a big mix of running and strength stuff. He took a long time to name, especially with the PAX we had in attendance. I thought it would be a bidding war to claim this guy’s name because he had a pretty interesting story and a slightly risqué surname. I was happy with Nair at the end of the day. Not sure who came up with it.


Some of the resident runners used the track as a good race and I saw Purell, Rachel, Smokey, Alf, Chin Music and McGee at the front all morning (probably others too but it was dark out there). Pop Tart blew past me carrying his paver on the last suicide run so maybe all he needs is a little momentum.


Gummy graciously provided commentary on my Q all morning and gave subtle comments affirming or questioning what we were doing. He doubted we could do 300 chest presses but we did it! I knew you could do it big guy.


Good to see Tebow making his mark in A51 even though he lives up in NoDa. He’s been bringing some super young FNGs out to F3 which is awesome to see.


Rachel and Purell have been given a hard time lately as they seem inseparable. I was telling the guys last week that me and Rhapsody had to stop working out together a few years ago because we almost got our names changed to “Ace and Gary”. Don’t tell me I didn’t warn you two.


Gypsy said he’s posted at a new AO every Saturday for the past several months – this guy first posted at Kevlar about a year ago and had just given up smoking. Now he’s helping with Speed for Need (info below) and he posts every morning. He also helped Nair get acclimated today which was awesome.


Praise God that we are all able to meet every morning and do this. It’s a blessing that many don’t have. It also can be taken away tomorrow so cherish it each day.


Thanks to Squid and Pop Tart for letting me lead.


Here is Gypsy’s info on SFN training:

For any runners interested in getting some chariot pushing practice for this upcoming racing season: we will have 2 chariots at the 3/29 running AO, Sparta (Socrates Academy at 5:15am – Thursdays). For F3 members looking to push during an event, this posting will fulfill the “Received hands’on training with racing chair prior to scheduled race” requirement. To find out more go to: or post at Sparta on 3/29 at 5:15.



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GummyPosted on2:20 pm - Mar 26, 2018

Good Q, Orange Whip. Variety, props, running, witty banter, vague instructions. That’s all I ask for from a Q. Interesting crew out there this morning too. Alf was fresh off the Palmetto 200 (impressive). Smokey and I brushed hips during the pullups; that was very awkward. Is the Smokey mid-workout-hat-toss still a thing? He kept it on the whole time today. Pop Tart had a confusing wardrobe of camo shorts and tights with a bright orange shirt. And I’m just impressed that Hopper posts at all at his age. Respect.

FNG Nair crushed it out there. I felt bad during the paver work – poor guy was trying to get in 50 solid reps every time – he didn’t know that everybody out there is cheating. Orange Whip and McGee only moved the pavers about 2 inches on the “overhead” press. I did an undislclosed number that was less than 50 every round. Veteran move.

OrangeWhipPosted on2:39 pm - Mar 26, 2018

Gummy, seriously, always the best (and typically only) commenter. Vague instructions is my “veteran move”, that way if I decide not to raise my paver all the way over my head I can just claim later that “that was part of the instructions”.

Can’t believe I didn’t mention Pop Tart’s outfit, that did distract me at least twice today. Love that you and Smokey rubbed love handl…errr…hips today. I wish I would have seen that so I could have written about it and hyperbolized the encounter. And correct, Smokey’s mid-workout-hat-toss off is still a thing. Just like my mid-workout-crap or McGee’s pre-workout-steriods. Good to see you out there brother!

GypsyPosted on3:27 pm - Mar 26, 2018

Solid Q Orange Whip. Thank you!!
Today was my 3rd post under your leadership as Q in the last year and I have to say they every time is just as difficult. To this day, i still question my sanity for returning after FNGing at your Kevlar 8 months ago… but i am glad i did.
Keep bringing the pain and i will do my best to keep up.

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