Ever serve time, Doc?

Ever serve time, Doc?

8 men (including Moon River who inspired the backblast title) gathered in an elementary school parking lot this morning, ready to start the day off right. Goon had some business to attend to in one of the bushes first (risky that close to a school – he says it only counts if kids are there). Once he got things taken care of, off we went.

Mosey to the bus lot for a cursory warmup (IW, Squats, etc.). Then to one of the baseball fields for the first real action. Line up abreast on the third base foul line – get from that line to a line even with second base via lunge walk or bear crawl, do 10 merkins. Back from whence we came for 9 merkins, and so on. Recover with Mary, then over the concession benches for step ups, dips and merkins.

Yog through the back of campus (with a brief intermission for People’s Chair) and back to the Foxworth hill for Triple Nickel. Recover with Mary again, then we made our way up the road to the church rockpile. Get a partner and a rock – partner 1 does the exercise while partner 2 runs to the road and back. Repeat with 100 curls, then 100 overhead presses, then 75 tricep extensions. Mosey over to the fancy new benches (which inspired Councilman Dumpster Fire for improvements in Pineville) for more partner work. Partner 1 does the exercise on a bench while partner 2 runs around that tree over there. Repeat with step-ups, dips and incline merkins. Back to the cars for a little more mary, then done.

2.8 miles. Not bad for a “moderate” workout. The boys put in hard work this morning. My goal for Qs at these moderate workouts is to keep guys together and pick some things that guys can adjust to higher or lower intensity as necessary. Mix in some Mary, People’s Chair and planks between hard stuff to give guys a chance to recover. Moderate doesn’t mean easy. Mission accomplished this morning. We had a couple of nice discussions about Pineville politics (are you pro- or anti- increasing the number of German restaurants in town) and the Second Amendment (assuming the cannon in front of the nearby neighborhood is covered by that – leftover from the great war of OP in the 1970s). Thanks for having me over – Ascent was my VQ almost 5 years ago, so I like getting back there. Plus it gave me a good excuse to not go to McGee’s burpee-fest at RockZero.

Bonus coffeeteria backblast (Gummy, Purple Haze, Flipper, Rachel, Purell, Fugitive) – after weeks of waving to us from across the street, Haze finally made the long walk over to Starbucks to hang out with us. It was getting awkward for all of us that he waved every week but never came over. Hurtful. The highlight was a discussion of the Nickname Hall of Fame – Egypt (last name Bohmfalk), Funky Cold (last name Miedema) – and nicknames that the censors later rejected (Morning Wood, Wanker, Sex Panther). Good times. Other topics included triathlons, half marathons, breweries, calf injuries and Clemson basketball.


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