March madness at Rock Zero

March madness at Rock Zero

8 men delayed Irish coffee and grinded out a grisly workout in possibly the best weather seen YTD.


Indian run lap with the 6 doing 5 3 burpees for a loop around the Calvary campus (props to Marlin for starting with 5 but fessed up to doing only 4).

COP: 15x SSH IC, 15x IW IC, 10 Low Slow CDDs (definitely new, not sure if it was appreciated) 15x Low Medium Speed Squat IC, 10 Peter Parker merkins IC, 15 low Plank Jacks IC.

The Thang:

Mosey to the basketball hoops where YHC asked if we had any ballers on hand. Unsurprisingly, no one spoke up, but being that we were right in the middle of March Madness, basketball had to be incorporated. One member of the PAX was given the choice to step up and shoot a layup, free throw, or beyond the arc with appropriate risk-rewards laid out.

First shot was for burpees:

Layup made =10 burpees, missed = 12 burpees – McGee was obviously a LAX bro, not a baller

Free throw made = 7 burpees, missed = 10 burpees

3 pointer made = 0 burpees, missed = 15 burpees

Mosey to rock pile by front entrance and select a lifting rock. Mosey to parking adjacent parking lot (more grumbling) with 8 islands. Curl to press and squats x10, run to end of lot and back, move rock forward one island and repeat til the end. Mary while waiting on the six and lunge walk/mosey back, alternating at every island.

Mosey back to basketball hoops for another shot. This time the shot determined what exercise was done while PAX take turns doing battle ropes x15 each arm, 2 rounds through.

Layup made = Mary, missed = Plank

Free throw made =Plank , missed = Suicides – Marlin looked like he has the touch, rimmed out

3 pointer made = Rest, missed = Suicides with burpees

Partner up: P1 to the playground for pullups x10, P2 to the hotbox for 20 dips, 10 jumps up. Meet in the middle for 10 HS merkins. Repeat 3x through.

More hoops action:

Layup made = Run North Face and around 2x, missed = run North Face 2x with CDD’s at the top

Free throw made = Run North Face 1x with CDD’s at the top, missed = Run North Face 2x with CDDs at top and Sister Mary Catherine’s at the bottom

3 pointer made = Run North face 1x, Missed Run North Face 3x with CDDs at top and Sister Mary Catherine’s at the bottom

Let the PAX have 2 shots, here, and surprisingly no one took the potential no risk all reward 3 pointer. Iron horse missed the J from the charity strip but Rachel saved the day with a soft layup off the glass.

Mosey to rock pile by the ball fields for 10 OH press, 10 tri extensions, and 10 bent over rows, 2 rounds.

Mosey back to parking lot, DONE.


Apparently Rock Zero was confused for the new AO Fishing Hole this week, as we saw 3 Respects in the group. I’m not sure if it’s props to them for crushing the workout as good and if not better than the rest of the PAX or a message to the others to push harder (probably both). The old guys definitely had the better form throughout… although that isn’t saying much. Fun to mix in some basketball being that we are in the middle of the tournament, just not sure if I would want any of these ‘shooters’ today as my 2-guard with the game on the line. The burpee call on the warm-up is never well received but also doesn’t allow for much in the form of grumblings either. Glad to deliver some downpainment to start off St. Patty’s day right, you all earned those green cervezas today.

Thanks to McGee for the takeout and thanks to Boerewors, Flipper, and Hoover for the opportunity to lead these HIM.





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