Sandbox Service Project With The Commodore Family

Sandbox Service Project With The Commodore Family

This past Saturday 8 F3 men and 9 of their 2.0s did a project at the Commodore family house in Indian Land. The family was introduced to us through the Sandbox, who helps families in need of practical, social, and emotional support when their children are suffering from long-term serious illnesses.

For more on the Commodores and their daughter Elsie, click here:

Because Elsie’s condition can only be treated at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, the Commodores split their time between Philadelphia and here, usually with one parent in each location. They have been keeping this up for 11 months now.  Elsie continues to improve and the family is hopeful and grateful… but also emotionally and often physically exhausted from their experience.  They could use some support and that is where we come in.

The Thang:

Meet at the house at 9 a.m. Mulch was delivered and PAX brought other supplies to: spread the mulch, kill weeds, help re-seed the grass in the front yard, and trim up some of the landscaping.  It was awesome to see everybody dive in and with the manpower we had, we knocked the whole thing out in 2 hours.  This included mulching the next door neighbor’s yard because YHC ridiculously over-ordered on mulch!


Toward the end of our project, we were blessed to meet Adana Commodore, Elsie’s Mom. She talked with us and thanked us a lot.  Then she began to share some pictures of Elsie and a lot of detail on her condition.  We circled up and Moneyball led us in prayer, which was awesome.   I’m not the best person to capture the whole experience with words… let’s just say it was an emotional and powerful experience that we as men were blessed to have that day.

Another way in which I personally was inspired Saturday was as a father. Watching the PAX lead their 2.0s in this effort was special and from the attitudes of the kids and their approach to the whole thing, it’s clear to me that my fellow PAX are some good dads.

The feedback I have received since Saturday morning has been exceptional. Apparently Adana had texted with the Sandbox a lot on Saturday from inside while we were working.  From The Sandbox: “… such gratitude and excitement for their new F3 friends… Grateful beyond words.”  I also got a text from Travis, Elsie’s dad, not only with gratitude but his prayers for us as a group and as men and families.

We have all been blessed tremendously by this family who has let us into their lives. We are also blessed as men to be part of this F3 Nation.  The things we can achieve together with the system we have in place are remarkable.  My sincere thanks to the men who came out!

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