Blocks from my yard

Blocks from my yard

I don’t usually leave my home turf of Kevlar on Friday mornings, but if I do, it’s going to be at Joust. Yeti graciously keeps me on the Q list and I never turn down the offer because going from any AO to Charlotte Christian is like going from a Jeep to a Land Rover LR4 – Header knows what I’m talking about.


Advised everyone to bring out their gloves, even though the temp was over 55 because I loaded some 12″x 12″ pavers into my trunk which would be the workout theme for the morning. Very light running day, but heavy on the reps.


The Thang

Grab a paver and start running.


Meet in the middle of the field for a warmup – Squat Press with Paver, SSH, Merkins, IW


Field work – all with PAVER

  • 50 shoulder presses, run 100 yards (and back), 50 shoulder presses, run 50 yards (and back), 50 shoulder presses – BURN!


  • Run to 20 yard line – 20 chest presses, Run to 40 yard line – 40 chest presses – Run to other 40 yard line – 40 chest presses – Run to far 20 yard line -20 chest presses – run back to end zone


  • Suicides (no paver) running to the 20, 40, 40, 20 and back


Catch me if you can – Partner 1 carries both pavers while walking around the track – Partner 2 does 3 burpees and catches partner 1 – all the way to the bleachers


Bleachers/Wall work

Round 1

  • P1 – Plank on wall
  • P2 – 20 merkins
  • Flapjack – 3x 

Round 2

  • P1 – Wall sit with paver held out in front (or overhead)
  • P2 – Louganis (20)
  • Flapjack – 3x

Round 3 (I think there was a round 3, or it’s just on my weinke)


Bleacher Runs – stack up pavers 2 high with your partner

Round 1

P1 – Runs bleachers

P2 – Jump shuffles on pavers  – Flapjack

Round 2 

P1 – Runs bleachers

P2 – Left, Middle, Right merkins on the pavers – Flapjack

Round 3

P1 – Runs bleachers

P2 – Burpee and jump over paver – Flapjack


Circle up (Meathead style) – Cadence count Curls, Tri-Extensions


Sprint – 400 meters – top time 1:15 (Dollywood)


To catch our breath we waiter carried our pavers back down the track, put the pavers back in my truck and did some ab work.




My wife made a path with some large square pavers in our yard a few years ago and after years of kids picking up pavers and putting them back, and using them for experiments smashing bugs and lizards, I decided to remove the old path – at about 10pm last night – and load them into my Suburban. Then I put a paver workout down on a weinke and the rest is history….


Dollywood made some comment about this not being Kevlar and to take it easy, but this group is always fast and strong. He was also in the lead all day and won the 400m run.


Chin Music has 4 or 5 different speeds. During the 400 he passed me, fell behind, and passed me again about 4 times. Once he figures out how to use his manual transmission right he won’t be stopped. Dude has turned into a machine the past year.


Stone Cold’s shoes kept coming untied during burpees – I hate it when that happens – always during burpees!!


I think Squid is part of a group of twins or triplets.  He’s on every Friday backblast that exists. I think he may have left at one point and ran over to Kevlar to make sure he made it to their backblast.


I partnered with Smokey and Stone Cold and they were both pushing through the burnout sets. I hate to use the word “old man strength” but dang, I’ll take some of that.


Yeti is the 29 year old guy that looks like he’s about 19 and can turn on the heat whenever he wants to. Also, he has a killer left foot as seen in the F3 soccer game – which somehow all of the soccer guys at F3 talked me into playing in because I like to run. They never told me that I needed to be a semi-professional soccer player.


Header – more good soccer  – is the nice guy who doesn’t act competitive but you know that he can flip the switch. He’s fast and was pushing hard all morning.


Funky Cold – I’ve worked out with him before but not on a regular basis. Dude is fast and strong.


No slouches today – the entire group stayed together all morning and it was a pleasure to lead the PAX.



No announcements, unless you want to start training for the Palmetto 200 which is tomorrow.


Until next time…

-Orange Whip

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