A Welcome Spring Clydesdale Picnic

A Welcome Spring Clydesdale Picnic

14 Pax came out to welcome in spring at a Clydesdale Picnic.  There was music, there was picnic tables, there was a lot of mumble chatter, and some groaning.  The groaning might have had something to do with our 4 respects that joined – or maybe the workout was a little more difficult as I had to work out my frustration from the Wolfpack losing yesterday.


Warm up

Lap around the parking lot then circled up.

25 Side Straddle Hops

20 In/Outs

20 T-Merkins

10 Potato Pickers



Mosey to third light to pick up a rock and circle up

21’s – except I decided to 30’s, and then decided to do a few more at the end.  10 bottom half curls, put rock down & rotate.  10 upper half curls (squeeze at the top), put rock down and rotate.  10 full curls, hold on number 10, then do 5 more just because.  Rocks down and rotate.

Military Press ladder with a hold – 1 press then hold for 9, 2 presses then hold for 8……

Squat ladder with a hold – 1 squat then hold for 9……  Lots of mumble chatter about not making eye contact with the person across from you and #2 innuendos.

Lunge holding rock over head for 1 light then mosey back to parking lot for station work.



Partner Push – timer


Picnic table runs

Curl/Press with a rock


Squat/Upright row with a rock

(3-6-9) I think this one actually ended up getting thrown out or skipped by most pax



Stations lasted approximately 30 minutes.  Grab rocks and do presses while we wait for the 6, then mosey back to third light to put rocks up.

Mad Dog led merry (marry? mary?) of heels to heaven while waiting on the 6.  I normally don’t approve of any workout that mentions the cheaters (Heels to heaven, Carolina Dry Docks), but I made an exception today.

Final round of chest exercises with another round of T Merkins and some regular Merkins mixed in with 6 inches.  By this point the groaning and complaining was loud, and it was 6:14.  Decidied to give them a break and mosey back to start to circle up.


Mole Skin

Another great workout with an even better group.  Thanks to Recalculating for offering me a chance to Q.  This is my first Q outside of Weddington HS.  I (think I) proved once again that you don’t have to run three miles to get your heart rate up and a good workout.  I know me and my partner loafer were huffing and puffing pretty good there – especially during partner pushes.

As usual, I mixed in some new exercises that increased the mumble chatter to near deafening levels.  Money Ball was there so that explains the record amount of mumble chatter. For those that have not done T Merkins before – the Army now uses them instead of regular push ups.  I figure if its good enough for the Army, its good enough for us.  Hopefully you enjoyed them.  I like them better because it forces good form, doesn’t allow you to cheat (I won’t call anyone out but we have several alligator arm merkins from the group), and adds some shoulder and back work in at the same time.  If your curious, there are a few articles out there on why the army switched to T push ups.  Here is one to start: https://www.wsj.com/articles/the-armys-radical-fitness-shift-1509377795

After back to back bear crawl heavy workouts, I delivered on my promise for no bear crawls – I think that is why Dough Boy decided to fart sack (that guy loves a good bear crawl).

Shout out to Hollywood who once again showed everyone up today by adding superman’s to the T Merkins.  I will apologize in advance to the other pax as I have a suspicion we may be seeing those at his next Q.

1 down, 2 more to go.  I will be Q’ing again Monday and Thursday next week (I will pause for the collective groan from the group).  I look forward to seeing everyone out there in the gloom next week!


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