We have liftoff.

We have liftoff.

YHC arrived early…early enough to see the FT pax mustering for their first launch from Latin….and before Mr. Brady who came in on two wheels, exclaiming he would “catch up”, which I’m sure he did. No Shovel Flag for either FT or Hawk’s Nest, though my co-site Q Doc said he would create one for our new AO.

Ultimately, 19 pax posted for the inaugural Hawk’s Nest downpainment.  A solid crew with a mix of veterans as well as an FNG – Joe S. – now known as Schmedium.  T-claps to him for posting and to Header who EH’d him.  Who’s bringing an FNG next week?!  Busch re-EH’d Bananas & Good Hands who had started to go into early F3 retirement until as Bananas said, “I keep trying to leave F3 but new AO’s keep getting closer to my doorstep!”  Great to have you guys back out!

The Thang & Ye Olde Moleskine:

After the waivers were signed, we headed out to one of the larger lots in front of the campus for COP.  Shortly into it, Bottle Rocket joined us as he came in the main entrance.  Glad you found us brother.  T-claps to him as he’s been posting 3-4 times per week in just his first 3 weeks of F3.

Slow squat x 20 IC

H-R merkin x 20 IC

Flutter x 20 IC

CDD x 20 IC

IW x 20 IC

Run to back corner of campus to pavilion near baseball field for 3 sets of jump up’s x 15 & incline merkins x 15.

Run back by Swim MAC building (will never get used to the smell of chlorine, I always hated swim lessons as a kid) and over to the track.

Before we got to the track, we dug out some rocks for a little lifting work.

Overhead press x 15 IC

Curl x 15 IC

Switch rocks with a neighbor (this was a mistake for YHC #soccerarms)

Teabag squat x 15 IC

Run on up to the track

5 burpees at 4 different stops around the track.  Plankorama.

10 jump squats at the 4 stops around track.  Plankorama including Dancing Chilcutt x 10 IC

At this point, Gummy started the “we should probably head back” promptings.  Never gets old.

We headed back towards the launch lot but stopped for a little “Around the Clock” Plank Walk (Incline plank walk left for 1/2 the time around base of a statue donated by a Latin benefactor, and then right for 1/2 the time — this while one pax at at time would bear crawl around the circle in opposite direction until all pax had gone).  Unorthodox, but I liked it; it will happen again.

Run back to launch lot for 6 MoM.

Freddy Mercury x 13 IC

Rosalita x 13 IC

American Hammer x 13 IC

Makthar N’Djaiye x 13 IC on the asphalt, of course! (we did this because CR and one other planked up with their southends right in YHC’s face – so thank them the next time you see them for the shredded elbows…and abs if you do it right!).

6-count burpee x 10 IC — pretty sure 2/3 of you jokers didn’t do these at all.  Shades of the refusenik epidemic that has beset some other AO’s.  YHC will bring the refusenik vaccine along with the waivers next week.  And I know my co site-Q Doc McStuffins will bring a beatdown that can’t be refusenik’d short of climbing back in your South Charlotte chariots and heading home!

Great launch to a great new Area51 AO.  We really did need a bootcamp workout on Tuesday’s in A51 – I think this one is going to be great! Was also really cool to do the joint COT with our brothers from the Fast Twitch pax.  Like a convergence without the hassle of keeping too many pax together for the actual workout!  Grateful that Rachel & Purell were willing to move the launch point for FT over to Latin.

Some sundry observations from the inaugural Hawk’s Nest:

  • Gummy’s brand of sarcastic humor and Q-hazing travels well.
  • So does Busch’s non-stop mumblechatter and conversation.  Love it!
  • Found out Billy Goat is a fellow Wake alum and Cub fan = knew I liked that guy when I met him!
  • Iron Horse is 57, and makes almost all of us look like we’re 77.
  • Lorax ventured south of Route 51…hope you’re glad you did!
  • Bananas doing American Hammers looks like a dog scratching his itchy bum across the floor

Grateful for this community we have called F3.  Keep giving away what we’ve found fellas.  EH and/or re-EH someone.  Start today.

“I think it is interesting that God designed people to need other people. We see those cigarette advertisements with the rugged cowboy riding around alone on a horse, and we think that is strength, when really, it is like setting your soul down on a couch and not exercising it. The soul needs to interact with other people to be healthy.”  ~ Donald Miller from “Blue Like Jazz”




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MermaidPosted on8:49 pm - Mar 14, 2018

Thanks for covering Hops and sorry to miss it.

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