Small town ‘Merica

Small town ‘Merica

This weeks edition of The Big House was predicted to be low on numbers. Pvt Ben away at the beach, DumpsterFire with a child sized DF at home this morning and of course… the Dreaded Rain. Luckily, Tool bag was fool enough to come and meet me for today’s DRP. It’s always better with Cheddar. Unless it isn’t. More on that later. YHC had a brief thought to knock on The Big House door and invite some of Pineville’s finest to come join us, but then I remembered they have tasers. With that, Tool bag and YHC launch.

Heading the northerly direction out to 51 we turned right to observe the glory of small town ‘Merica, at 5:30 am. Passing by the old brick shops of Main St. reminded TB and I of times past. We reminisced about our upbringings and enjoyed some 2nd F as we continued up to Lancaster HWY. Turning right we proceeded to Pineville Elementary and onto Lowry St. where YHC yammered on about the new ball fields and the PCSA. Turning right on Johnston Dr. we observed the new construction invading and decided to take a closer look. Turn left on Meyer Ln where we could tell nothing more of what this large, scraped swath of land would become and we headed back to Jack Hughs. Ding ding goes the mile on our watches and we were well on our way to TBH’s 2 mile distance suggestion. Passing the cars we saw a third car that suspiciously looked like Cheddars civic. So we did what any normal F3’er would do and began shouting his name on our way to the Field House in Jack Hughs. 1.5 miles down and nary a cadence count uttered we parked it up to enjoy the classic COP. (all while yelling for Cheddar)

COP – IC x 15
Mtn Climbers
Low Slow Squats

Still no sign of Cheddar so quick decision Ace Ventura style and we took off back up to TBH to find our wayward companion. Upon arrival we found no Cheddar, no Civic and no message in a bottle. Was it even him? A ghost? Or possibly a prisoner transfer/pickup, since that is where we park. We may never know. But really we do, cause Strava. Thanks technology. Mosey on back to Field House for The Thang.

YHC is starting to play some Ultimate again and I took this opportunity to put in some mobility and speed exercises. You could also pretend like I thought of this as some basketball training workout with March Madness upon us, but that wouldn’t be true. I’m selfish.

Three sets of cones marked out the drills. Grab a partner and do-si-do. Wait no.

Set 1 – 2 cones 5′ apart gets you the Skater hop. Jump step side to side with your outside foot landing at the cone.
Set 2 – 2 cones 20′ apart for Shuffles. Shuffle step side to side and touching the cone with your inside hand.
Set3 – 3 cones 40’ split for Shuttle runs (suicides). Run to middle cone, back to start, run to far cone, back to start, repeato.

Partner 1 does exercise, Partner 2 runs the recovery lap around the planters (.2 mile maybe)

Blasting through one set faster than I anticipated we grabbed the jump rope and got a round in. P1 jump ropes, P2 does LBC IC x 20 as timer. Flapjack.

Smoked legs rewarded us a break and we held up the wall for a min.

Over to the rock pile to retrieve a man sized, with a nice flat side, rock. Busted Paw Bear Crawls w/rock. P1 Bear Crawls and pushes rock 15 yards (3 parking spaces) then picks up rock and runs it back to P2, who is planking. Flapjack. Round 2 we did Backwards Bear Crawl with rock pull. Place rock back gently and back to the Field House for Mary.

Six Minutes of Mary IC x 15
Flutter (which TB thinks is Dolly)
Freddie Mercury
‘Merican Hammer

Grab the stuff and hustle back to launch. 3.06 miles for the Stravas. May be a TBH run distance record.


Where two or more gather… F3 is built on Fellowship and Accountability. Even when there are just two of you out there we still bring our A game. Tks TB for keeping me honest. Sorry Cheddar, you need to be on time. 😉 The Big House may be on the outskirts but it has amazing potential as an AO. EH a friend, a coworker, neighbor and lets get the machine cranking again. Thanks DF and PVT B  for the invite. DF, I hope your 2.0 feels better. We’re almost out of this cold and flu season.

Richard Sheltra Memorial 5K – 4/28 Speed For Need will be pushing. Contact Dumpster Fire.
F3 Dads CLT Checkers Hockey Night – This Sunday (St. Patricks punch your lights out hockey game) Fraiser on Q?

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toolbagPosted on8:31 pm - Mar 12, 2018

Great Q, busted paw bear crawls were fun and a good back and shoulder workout. Nice to get a little mileage in as well.

CheddarPosted on1:24 am - Mar 13, 2018

No excuses! just a 2/3rd fartsack on this one as a partial credit. When I left my car and ran to find you guys , I was confident I would get you guys. In fact if I was few minutes more late I would have caught you on your way back. Sorry I couldnt hear you guys but next time I sure will not keep a 5:15 alarm !

CheddarPosted on1:28 am - Mar 13, 2018

Also hate to miss this post after playing some ultimate myself in the past. Sounds like a fun Q

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