Can You Zip Me Up Please?


Can You Zip Me Up Please?


The 6 men who posted DMZ this morning ought to have no grip strength left when squeezing their computer mouse reading this backblast… at least 1 of them had issues pulling the zipper up on their pants when he got home…. #TMI Anyway, it was OCR Training day at DMZ, and so coupons were a plenty, despite the wet weather.

The Thang:

Partner up / rotate through 8 stations / 3.5min per station / 1min run to end of parking lot and back in-between stations… 35 straight minutes of grip sucking work.


  1. 75# front-facing bucket carry (Lowe’s not Home Depot which crack!)
  2. Backwards run with resistance cables (flapjack)
  3. 2x45lb plate farmers carry walk
  4. Spear throw (3 burpees for miss)
  5. Tyrolese traverse between two trees
  6. Reverse burpees w/ 25lb kb
  7. Supine pull-ups with thick rope
  8. Partner Resistance Tug-O-War (horizontal rope pulls)


It was good to be out there this morning with the fellas despite the wet weather, and YHC appreciates the support in showing! Aquafresh didn’t mind the heavy stuff, as he is still on an emotional high from bench pressing 135lbs 1,378 times at BROlympics a few weeks back.  One Eye showed no ill-effects of some sciatica issues and crushed the bucket carry, and led on the runs… work needed on the spear throw 🙂 Coldcuts looked Tom Cruise AKA Ethan Hunt in Mission Impossible going across the Tyrolean Traverse.  Uncle Phil and Pothole were getting after it as well, with no time for mumblechatter… or they were just taking in my sweet TABATA song playlist (did you catch the Moana Soundtrack and Wreck-It-Ralph songs… or Whatever It Takes, Imagine Dragons are the best). Me? YHC was just glad to be out with my brothers, which has been less frequent than desired, but hoping that will change soon enough.  Have a great week all.


Reach out to ColdCuts or GOP about helping out at Huntington Farms Elementary for community service this Saturday.  They can use the help at one of CMS most underprivileged schools.


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AquafreshPosted on2:47 am - Mar 14, 2018

Thanks to Tolkien for planning, packing up, setting up, tearing down and great workout design on the fly. With all the talk about the weather leading up we never even considered pushing this one because “……Are held outdoors, rain or shine, heat or cold……….” plus BTW the rain COMPLETELY stopped during the actual workout! Great 2F with the smaller group and your choice of stations, no waiting.

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