Email reminders & that Sally song

Email reminders & that Sally song

P200 training has me running more that posting at boot camps, but I took this as an opportunity to reunite with some of the best & strongest PAX in A51.  The forecast called for sub freezing temps, but that’s okay – we’d warm up quickly.  At 5:30, the 11 of us gathered in the parking lot for the disclaimer and took off for a warm up lap around the track, took a left out of the parking lot and down to the rock pile.  Circle up for COP

SSH x 25 IC, LSS, X 20 IC, IW X 20 IC, Mtn Climbers X 20 IC

Partner up & find a lifting rock in the pile – 1 rock per team – for Rocks-anne

P1 runs down “Graveyard Rd” to the parking lot on the left and returns.  P2 performs called exercise.  Flapjack when P1 returns & continue the routine until the cumulative number of reps is completed.

Exercise 1 = O/H press X 200 – the PAX finished this too quickly & paid the price

Exercise 2 = Curls X 300

Exercise 3 = Bent Over Rows X 200

Mosey to courtyard between Worship Center & Lower School to meet Mary.  P1 runs up the emergency exit stairs & back while P2 exercises.  Flapjack when P1 returns.  Rinse & repeat until total number of reps is complete.

Exercise 1 = LBC X 200

Exercise 2 = Fluter X 200

Mosey back to cars & circle up for more Mary, a/k/a Sally.  Plank it up and follow the instructions in Moby’s “Flower” — Bring Sally up, Bring Sally down……  (you know the tune).  We cut this a little short because I’ve always been told “if you can’t do it, don’t Q it.”  We “Sally’d” for most of the tune then moved to our six for Freddie Mercury X 20 IC.


No Announcements



Having the opportunity to Q Kevlar on Friday was a welcome relief to logging miles for P200 training.  Mother Nature spoiled us a few weeks ago with warm temps but she reminded us that it’s technically still Winter this week.  The weather may have kept a few guys in the fartsack, but for the 11 that posted Friday, I’m betting they’re still feeling the workout today (Sat).  I know I am…. Kevlar is a great AO with lots of options and the weinke I wrote out on Thursday took advantage of many of the opportunities it presented to us.  I intended to stop by the hill for a brief stay, but we’ll have to save that for next time.  The PAX crushed the first Rocks-anne set, the exercises at the rock pile, and caused me to audible to a higher number for the curls.  Jumping from 200 to 300 reps led to several groans and some indistinguishable mumblechatter, but when you guys wear those tanks this Summer, you & your biceps will thank me.  I think the emergency exit stairs behind the Worship Center may be the only set of stairs at an A51 AO & we put them to good use.  Performing any exercise to “that Sally song” just plain sucks — especially when you do planks & merkins.  Most of the PAX seemed to shift to some variations of yoga poses after the 1st chorus – think downward dog or child’s  pose.  As we wrapped up the workout, YHC mentioned the reminder email that Orange Whip sent the day before.  This apparently reopened old wounds, and the PAX tasted the blood in the water.  Proper contact info is apparently a  sensitive subject at Thrive — just ask Cotton Tail — but no one seemed to matter.  I think he & OW are still debating the issue as I type this BB.


Thrive is a great AO and the guys there are second to none.  It’s always an honor to lead.  I’m already looking forward to the next one – as long as Orange Whip emails me to remind me.

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