appreciate The Gloom

appreciate The Gloom

Thanks for the attendance and effort today. We took steps to cure soccer arms, burned our legs, and out in some mileage. I kicked my own butt as Q and hope same for the 9 Pax. Today was actual F3 Anniversary for YHC (3 years). Special dedication of our effort today to those who literally cannot do what we do. My cousin, age 47, is recovering from a stroke he had this week. Brings added appreciation and prospective for The Gloom.

the thang:

-warmups with ImpWalk, SS Hop, PeterPark, Merk, MtnClimb, BulgarianBallBusters (YA!)

-at each of 7 lamp post: 3 Burpees, 5 Squats

-at each divide (6?), partners, 5 sit ups, 10 hand slap Merk

-up hill all you’ve got, pick a rock. Circle up for curls, triceps, shoulders (rotating around rocks for varying weights)

-playground wall for “Eddie the Eagles”. Then partners up for 3 rounds of pull-ups and Derkins.

-back to rocks for Triple Lindys, Squats, rows (again rotating rocks)

-down hill to wal for x4 rounds to climb and SisterMaryCath (ouch again!)

-to low bar for pull-ups, up across down stairs to fountain for dips

-back to base for Mary and close with Merkins.



Church on the Street (Strawberry)- Easter Sunday is a go, would be great to have a huge group.

next Saturday morning (3/17) “The Sandbox” led by Solf Pretzel helping yard cleanup effort


Great crew, all pushed hard. Fun chatter about Eddie the Eagle, others AOs and soccer arms. Primanti said he is a Kotter, back with first post after over a year-great!  Paper Jam wanted no part of 10 counts from the beginning, and that theme carried throughout. Thanks Snow Flake for coming our direction, great seeing you and you are a machine. Rachel must be doping or a cyborg – improvable effort on his “YA” for BulgBallBust so we have found 1 imperfection. Fredo really runs the DaVinci show so well, and after 4 posts this week was still strong. War Eagle has quickly become both a leader and beast. Always love 2nd F in Chick-fil-A.  How crazy that my first two workouts ever (3/10 and 3/12 of 2015) were Q’d by Soft Pretzel and Strawberry, both there today for workout and 2nd F together. Great informal conversation around F3 history, service opportunities, raising kids in a challenging society, and weekend fun. I appreciate everything F3 has meant for me and others and it starts with you great guys who all want to step up personally physically, and spiritually.



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