Slobbering Dogs @ Impromptu

Slobbering Dogs @ Impromptu

PAX:  13 Strong – BC, Stubhub, Foundation, Dasher, Rockwell, Mad Dog, Spitz, Recalc (R), Finch, FuseBox, Gatorcub (R), MB

Since I was unable to secure enough Yoga Mats, my fountain would have froze, and most importantly I do not know and have never done yoga, the normal old fashioned beat down workout was attempted.  March Madness is upon as 13 PAX welcomed me and the balmy 27 degree temps for my VQ.  Unfortunately our beloved celebrity Longhorn was unable to join as he was actually working March Madness.  Also made the drive lonely.   And according to Thursday’s Groupme, you all love numbers so he we go…

Warm-up – Disclaimer and apologizing upfront for any pain inflicted and poor counting skills.

  • Lap Taken
  • Plank it Up
  • Merkins x 20
  • SSH x 20
  • Potato Pickers x 10
  • Imperial Walkers x 10

The Thang – And off we go:

  • Off to the Light poles – 10 plank jacks + 10 mountain climbers each stop – planking til group completes (thank you Dasher and BC)
  • Hit the Wall at Transporter’s office (when he joins us again) – 32 air press + 16 punches + 8 Mike Tysons × 2 in cadence and my pathetic counting
  • Grab a Rock (limited complaining) some have “compensation issues as there was also a possible walk of shame for rock exchange”   – 20 curls, 20 presses,10 skull chrushers x 4
  • More Rock- 16 LBCs (with rock) and 16 alternating merkins x 4
  • Mosey to the HS parking lot for a little cardio bypassing the track (since some people break stuff) – Wind sprints w/ 10 tuck jumps +  10 Bobby/Danny Hurleys (there you go Finch) on return at each island
  • Jog to High School Portico for 25 dips, 25 step ups and 25 in outs
  • Mosey back to start as time expires to 6:15 AM ON THE DOT>>>>

     Wrap up and Prayer:  Quick Thank You for allowing me to lead after being persistently bugged by PAX whose actual job is Sales and then being Voluntold to lead.  Announcements, and MD took us out in Prayer.


I first wanted to thank everyone who came today and the opportunity to lead.   I was unable to work in a few things but those can be saved for next time.  In honor of March Madness, I was hoping to work in the #123 in honor of the number of wins Rick Pitino had to vacate but maybe next time.

It was good to see Spitz back for another round (sorry I missed the first)

Was a good group of guys who stuck together through a rough and cold morning.

The rocks were challenging, Recalc, Dasher, MD, BC, Gatorcub and others chose the motto go big or go home.   We all were ready to go home after that exercise segment.   Also Mad Dog looked like rolled all over and around the dirty rock, just like a dog would do.


Commitment Saturday at Weddington

Bible Study on Sunday at 7:30 Lawson Mill House – led by BC

Request to assist a family in need in Indian Land with some yard maintenance (unsure the date)

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