Run Jen Run

Run Jen Run

Sixteen men gathered at Symphony Park on March 3rd 2018 for the sixth installment of the Run Jen Run.  For those that do not know the Go Jen Go foundation was started by Jen Pagani and her family in response to a need that Jen found in the community while she was undergoing her own battle with Cancer.  The foundation helps identify people and families that need a little extra help while they commit their efforts to fighting cancer.

On this day we were lucky enough to get to push two track commanders that are fighting cancer.  One had just undergone chemo that week and the other was one year removed from her initial diagnosis.  We also got to push two classmates of Jen’s children.

All in all we had sixteen pushers/runner from Union/SOB/A51 that showed up.  Some pushed, some encouraged and others ran.  Of course Tolken was bouncing back and forth between everyone.

Bethany and William got the pleasure of going fast and getting lots of cheers throughout the race.  William was heard asking to go faster and it looked like Snowflake was giving it all he had.  Rock Thrill and Mermaid got to push Bethany.

Gumbo/Fire Hazard laid it down with Wakeelah.  Wakeelah had just had chemo that week.  She had a great time and was very appreciative to everyone that helped.

Doc and myself pushed Cheri.  We went back and forth with her grandson but ultimately he was too much to deal with and he pushed ahead at the end.

The event/experience is always powerful.  I know I get a great sense of how powerful it is when Tolken puts out the videos.  Sometimes it is hard to remember during the event because there is so much going on so it always helps to look back.  Tolken has turned his purpose into a cause and we are all lucky to be able to be touched in some small way when we show up.

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