Plankin up

Plankin up

On a cool Spring morning, 8 PAX moseyed on down to the scout hut to recover from the week’s beatdowns at Gumby.


Here’s what we did:


Devo: Romans 1:16-17

This passage states “I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ.” We talked about how important the message is- the message we have. Working at the BGEA,  I’ve been privileged to see the example of a man who was not ashamed by the Gospel, and who with every moment of his adult life shared that message.

I asked the PAX- who in your life can you share the message of the Gospel- or even a general message of hope with? We all have people around us that we influence. It is up to us to carry the message of hope- to be lights in this world (and be not ashamed to of said Light).


Mountain climbers



Plank flow


Six inches(repeato)

Right leg high- left arm out- then cheetah (flapjack)


End in table top position

Cat/cow 5 times

Side band

Jump up into mountain.

Sun Salutations- two together increasing speed, then four OYO

Go through flow to get into warrior 1

Warrior 2

Peaceful warrior

Warrior 3



Back into plank

Six inches (just because)

Mountain- begin sun salutation until Downward Dog

End in pigeon (Flap Jack)

On your six


Right leg out reach for toes (Flapjack)

Both legs out reach for toes

Cross arm stretch

Triangle stretch


One legged wind removing (Flapjack)

Happy baby and move back into corpse pose

Review devotions again




Arena’s on Q

Savage Race May 19th- some of the F3 guys will be participating (Chopper will be with a Respect group) you can register for the race here:

Prayers for Beaver’s friend Chris- diagnosed with Cancer

Benny is doing well!


I always get a little nervous when Swiss Miss is out of town. The weight of responsibility is on me to ensure that the door to the scout hut gets open and the alarm gets turned off so the one Matthews police officer who is always in downtown when you drive through in the morning doesn’t have to come and see what’s going on- and on top of that, I had the Q!

Thankfully, no issues getting in this morning- however I did immediately get my Q fail out of the way. When calling out Imperial Walkers, I actually said Mountain Climbers.. needless to say the PAX were a little confused (Lois was already in position ready to get going). Thankfully things went a little smoother after that.

I worked on switching it up this morning- added some additional cardio-some traditional F3 called exercises a la Paper Jam to get us warmed up. From the lack of mumblechatter and heavy breathing- it seemed to have worked. When we started the Plank flow I was planning on having some additional pieces- but quickly audibled as I was personally struggling not to fall over #notaprofessional.

Music this morning was a Pandora radio station of 60s,70s and 80s radio station- however it seemed to stay mostly in the 60s this morning, but I aint complaining.-

T Claps to Madison, Arena and Gypsy for the pre run- Arena rolled in a little late because he’s all about those miles (#stravadontlie)

Special T Claps to Beaver- still coming out and getting stronger each day as he continues to recover.

Thanks as always gents for allowing me to lead- twas an honor!

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