LT Training at Pursuit – Wk 2

LT Training at Pursuit – Wk 2

7 men rendezvoused at Pursuit and lactated all over each other.

For more on this training series see the PreBlast.

The course this week was a very hilly 2.5 mile road loop.  Man, there are some serious hills in Millbridge.  The plan was to do at least 2 loops, but due to some unplanned off-course “exploration” we only did 1+.  Regardless, we got in our 6 intervals of 5 minutes @ Lactate Threshold pace with 2 minutes of recovery, bookended by 10 minutes of warm-up/cool down.  Bratwurst and Frasier got in an extra interval instead of a full cool down.   As usual we got in 7-8 miles total.


The hills made it hard to maintain LT pace at times, but we pushed through.  Maintaining a consistent level of effort is more important than pace when the terrain is challenging.

Major kudos to site FNG Stub Hub, who performed exceptionally well despite not doing running workouts in the past.

Great to have Doc McStuffins and Rock Thrill show up on time this week so they could join us instead of wondering which direction we went!

Brat and Frasier let the way.  This is news to no one.

Hollywood killed it as usual.  Looking forward to his Q of The Brave tomorrow!

Tune in next time for week 3 of the plan.  We’ll do 6 minutes @ LT pace w/ 2 minutes of recovery.  The route will be flatter, so that is something we can all look forward to.

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