Bring Out The Bricks

Bring Out The Bricks

So it took a couple days for Tebow to get me the backblast (because he didn’t know my real name)…and a couple more days for me to post it. Sorry. Just know it was a a great Site VQ from Tebow who brought out XC team to workout. Here you go….

Mosey around parking lot mixing in some dynamic stretches
High knees
Butt kicks
Walking lunges
End at ContainIt parking lot for COP. All exercises IC
25 SSH
10 Merkins
10 Stump jumpers
10 Rock Hoppers
20 LSS
Every man grab a brick in each hand from the brick pile. Keep them in hand for all exercises, especially running!
Mosey to A/B/CLC convergence (pavers cross!) People’s chair air presses (with bricks of course)
Partner work
Partner 1 burpees (with bricks in hand!)
Partner 2 runs up emergency exit steps, 10 air presses at the top (you guessed it…with bricks)
Flapjack and repeato until each man has scaled the steps 3 times. Plank on bricks when finished. S/o to Faultline for the 20 count.
100 LBCs (IC) bricks on chest #halfwaythere
Mosey with bricks to C building benches, by way of around the CLC and B building)
More partner work…
Partner 1 stays for called-out exercise
Partner 2 laps around CLC and B with bricks (duh)
1st exercise DIP (hands on bricks)
2nd exercise STEP UP (bricks in hand)
3rd exercise back to DIP (hands on bricks)
Mixed MARY with air presses
1st = Freddie Mercury (bricks by head)
20 air press bricks
2nd = Peter Parker (plank on bricks)
15 air press bricks
Mosey to HS building for People Chair with Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes (last exercise with bricks)
Stack bricks neatly in the Aquaponics area #service
Mosey back to MS lot for COT
S/o to myself for the takeout
Crisp morning out at Kevlar on the 2nd of March. The average age was a solid 1/3 of a century with a group of Respect-worthy men and Young Bucks of adolecent age. Hope the bricks were a nice addition to the Boot Camp this AM. Director of Sustainability at CDS mentioned he needed most of them moved to the Aquaponics area a few months back, so I figured Kevlar could exercise the 1st and 3rd Fs in one fell swoop. Unfortunately, those particular bricks cannot be grafted into our regular workout routine, seeing as how the Aquaponics team is going to use them to build a nice pavers path inside the complex.
Thankful for each one of you men. God bless you all and God bless F3.

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