So…have you ever struggled naming a workout on a Backblast? I didn’t…At least not after this morning’s GroupMe explosion. It all started with an innocent question from BC- “So…what was up with the numbers this morning?” I should have never mentioned my little OCD deal with numbers and them being equally divisible. Needless to say, the 14 Gifs/Memes mocking my condition were an awesome way to start the day. Wife: “Are you laughing at your boys again?” Me: “Yep.” Wife: “Carry on.” Foundation started pushing my buttons towards the end though when he started in on Tennessee and their ineptitude. I came close to having to ask for the title of that book again, but luckily I had a gif from the movie Goodfellas to remind me…YHC digresses. Anywho, here’s today’s buttoned up, equally divisible workout – all in tidy little increments of 7:

Warm-up: Xerox (R) came in on two wheels with 7 seconds to spare. He quickly exited the vehicle and joined the mosey past Doughboy’s office and to the church parking lot.

  • SSH: 28
  • Merkins: 14
  • Mtn Climbers: 21
  • Cherry/Potato/Cotton Pickers: 21
  • Mosey to the “Half Goodfella Wall” for the first event.

The Thang:

  • 7 light poles down the street. At each light pole, do 7 burpees for a grand total of 49 burpees. We then Mary’d until 6 (should have called him the ‘Seven’) and then moseyed over to visit our most gracious and compassionate mascot, Keith Jong Hill.
  • Keith Jong Hill blessed us with, you guessed it, 7 light/power poles up his glorious mound. So…we ran to each pole, did 28 squats, and returned to the starting point. We did this until we reached the stop sign at the very top of KJH. The benevolence of our great leader knows no bounds. Upon the speediest of climbers finishing, we gathered the group and did a little Mary at the first stop-sign on KJH.
  • A little more running was needed as none of us had lactated yet (gotta keep up with the boys at Pursuit, after all!).
  • We took StubHub’s .4 loop and at each corner did 14 Merkins. Upon completing the loop and one final pass up Keith Jong Hill, we did a little Mary until the “Seven” made it in and staggered our way on to the Half Wall.
  • Grab some wall- 28 air presses in cadence, and 28 jabs in cadence. This took us to exactly 6:15, which is how it should always be. A 45 minute workout!


Great effort by the group today. Keith Jong Hill is a tyrant and merciless. Don’t tell him I said that. Bottlecap led the charge, Foundation and Button were flying as well. The Clydesdales acquitted themselves quite nicely and the (R) crew had a great showing too. FNG Spitz and 2nd time visitor Cherry Picker seemed to enjoy our mascot as well. At least it sounded like that’s what they were muttering as we went up and down KJH.

Keep the pressure on, boys. EHs seem to work quite well in our group. We’re glad to have Spitz and Cherry Picker join the fold and trust the 1 and done days of Orville are long behind us!


Only 1- Open Door Bible Study at the Lawson Millhouse @ 7 Sunday morning. Discussing 4th Chapter of the Book of John. A guy named Jesus says some cool stuff. Check it and Him out. Pretty good dude.

Thanks, Mad Dog for taking us out.


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